The “Theatre of Wrong Decisions” ( ) is an ‘online theatre’ denouncing world issues that deserve the attention of the general public. It is a Dutch group of artists who respond to these events in short video clips of up to 60 seconds via their online platform. A fixed pattern is that they always use poems and stanzas by William Shakespeare. This theater mixes the oldest medium “clay” with the youngest medium “moving image”. It is both a creative and artistic way to escape the issues of the day in these hectic times.

The most recent creation from the Theater of the Wrong Decision concerns the dire situation of recent years in Northern Syria. The genocide on Yezidi caused by Islamic State. The struggle of the Kurds against IS, causing the death of approximately 12,000 fighters. But above all, it is also a geopolitical indictment of world leaders who turn a blind eye to recent aggression from Turkey. Which in fact amounts to betrayal of the former allies with whom they fought together against IS.

We invite everybody to have a look at this masterpiece via the following link: Why cannot our leaders grow up?