De vlucht van de ÊzîdîsThe Turkish Armed Forces began an operation just before the Spring Festival and Tree planting event that was scheduled to take place on Mount Tendürek in the Diyadin town of Ağrı. The Turkish Chief of Staff declared on its website that they had heard the ‘Spring Festival being organised by the people in the…
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Yukarıtütek village belonging to the Diyadin town of Mardin Provincem, was going to be used for election propaganda and this is why they had launched an operation to stop this. So in short the Turkish Chief of Staff has launched a military operation because they believed that propaganda was going to be made against the AKP government. The military operation launched by the Turkish army in the mountainous area of the region encircled the PKK guerillas and wanted to annihilate them.
Around 20 civilian Kurds, despite all hindrances tried to enter the operation area as ‘human shields’ and prevent the military operation, but were fired on from the ground by soldiers and by helicopters from the air. Former HDP Diyadin Co-chair Cezmi BUDAK was killed in the attacks while MEYA-DER representative Cenap ILBOGA and Agri Deputy Chair Melik ARPAC among others were wounded. It is evident that the AKP has given the Turkish army orders to attack a democratic peaceful event organised by the people in Agri. Using military power the AKP has provoked the Kurdish people’s democratic event and caused a clash to kill innocent civilians. The AKP government’s aim is to intimidate the Kurdish people and provoke the peaceful environment.
The Turkish army and government want to initiate a new period of war
If we look at the statements made by Turkish PM Davutoglu and President Erdogan while the military operation was still going on we can see that they organised the provocation from beforehand. It is clear that these attacks are part of a plan to sabotage the resolution process and upcoming general elections. It has become evident now that the amassing of military apparatus, personnel and special forces in the area over the past few days was part of this provocative operation. This despite the fact that a new period had been developed with the democratic negotiation and resolution process, which has in turn created hope in the people and public opinion. With this provocative military operation the AKP want to destroy this hope and sabotage the process.
We condemn this attack by the Turkish government and army and call on public opinion and international organisations to follow and be sensitive to the issue.
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