This press release was published on the website of the Kurdistan National Congress on February 4, 2016.

Turkish President Erdogan: “Presidency or Chaos”

Since the 24th of July, 2015, the Turkish state initiated a comprehensive and dirty war against the Kurds. Up till now, hundreds of civilians have been killed in this war including 58 children and 39 women. The Turkish state is using tanks, heavy artilleries, helicopters, special forces and the army in these attacks. Due to these attacks in Kurdish cities, 1.5 million have been affected and 300,000 have been forcefully displaced from their homes. Houses emptied by the people have been completely destroyed by artillery fire. The aim is to ensure that the people do not return to these areas and these towns can be declared military zones.

Mayors and other officials who represent the will of millions of people have been arrested and hundreds of councilors and members of people’s assemblies have been imprisoned and tortured. The AKP government aims to govern the whole country through a military-political coup coordinated by President Erdogan himself. In response to the Kurdish people’s peaceful demand to govern themselves Erdogan is talking of annihilating the Kurds and giving orders to this end.

Have 28 wounded people been murdered in district Cizre? No news…

For the past four days no one has been able to hear anything from the wounded people trapped in the basement of a house in Cizre. In social media accounts belonging to the AKP pictures have been released of 8 corpses in a basement. 10 women, including mothers of the wounded in the basement, walked towards the building four days ago holding up a white flag. They were able to get to the garden of the building. Ayse Guven, one of the women, said: “The building is surrounded by tanks. We screamed, we thought our children would hear us, but no one replied.” Pictures of corpses from the basement in Cizre containing dead bodies were released on AKP social media last night.

Health Workers Refused Entry to Cizre

Voluntary health workers from the TTB (Doctor’s Union of Turkey) and the SES (Health Workers Union) who have tried to reach the wounded and who have been waiting to be taken to hospital for 11 days have been refused entry into Cizre.

Kurdish MPs on Hunger Strike

A Hunger strike started by HDP MPs Idris Baluken, Osman Baydemir and Meral Danis Bestas in order for the wounded people in the basement to be taken to hospital has been taken over by MPs Caglar Demirel, Ahmet Yildirim and Nihat Akdogan.

YPS: We have no fighters in that region

An emergency application to the ECHR regarding these atrocities that are played out in front of the whole world was rejected. The AKP, encouraged by this, continued to spread mis-information that there were armed fighters in the building. However, the YPS (Kurdish Civil Protection Union) issued a statement yesterday stating that they had been no fighters in this particular region.

Sur Completely Under Curfew

The curfew in Diyarbakir-Sur which is on its 64th day has been extended to cover the whole town. The curfew which has been in place in the 11 neighbourhoods of the town has now been extended to include the remaining 3 neighbourhoods.

Military Grade Vehicles Randomly Firing in Streets of Gever

The Yeni Mahalle neighbourhood of Hakkari- Gever has been surrounded by military vehicles. These vehicles have been randomly firing down the streets of Gever. The besiegement of this neighbourhood is still continuing. Reports are coming in that there are casualties and fatalities.

• It is a humanitarian responsibility to stand in the way of this massacre against the Kurdish people.

• We call upon humanity, international institutions and EU states to stand against the Turkish state.