TURKEY: The country where democracy, human rights, freedom and the rule of law has come to an end and replaced with battlefields, destruction and dungeons.

The Turkish Governments enmity of democracy and Kurds continues 

Balance-sheet for attacks on elected representatives and municipalities. 

The AKP’s attacks continue at full speed. Alongside People’s Democratic Party (HDP) co-chairs, MP’s and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-chair, The AKP-Erdogan have taken hostage, the co-chairs of 37 DBP municipalities and seized the will of 38 DBP councils.

The AKP-Erdogan regime have failed to implement what they want in Kurdistan until now, turning the ‘state of emergency’ into an opportunity, the attacks against the gains of the Kurdish people continue uninterrupted. In the 7 June 2015 elections, the AKP regime failed in Kurdistan, unable to get any MP’s elected in the region. This triggered the start of the AKP regimes war concept against the Kurdish people, through the isolation policy on the Kurdish leader Abdullah OCALAN.

The concept of denial and annihilation launched against Kurdish towns by AKP gangs, was countered by the self-defence of Kurdish youth on the basis of resistance for self-administration. The AKP-Erdogan, with no compliance to rules of war, not only burnt and destroyed Kurdish towns but brought the towns Cizre, Sur, Nusaybin, Idil, Gever, Silvan and Sirnak to the ground with tanks and bombs. Only in Cizre, 103 civilians were burnt alive. Hundreds of people were massacred. 1.5 million people were forced to migrate after during and after these massacres. The AKP regime then went on to implement its genocidal attacks against the Municipalities and councils of these town, which are the gains of the Kurdish people.


The attacks against Kurdish politics and political representatives continues. In this context, the arrests include, amongst the HDP MP’s, co-chairs Selahattin DEMIRTAS and Figen YUKSEKDAG, DBP co-chair Sebahat TUNCEL, Free Women’s Congress (KJA) spokesperson Ayla AKAT ATA, Amed Municipality co-chairs Gulten KISANAK and Firat ANLI. Also, many more municipality and council co-chairs, Central Executive Board (MYK) and Party Council (PM) and party members have been arrested. Turkey has almost been turned into an open prison camp, with the immeasurable unlawful activity committed by the government. The denial and annihilation policies brought to life by the AKP in the Kurdish cities, towns and neighborhoods are due to the popularity of Kurdish politics and the Kurdish struggle, represented by the latest elections.

There have been government trustees appointed, officially to 34 DBP held municipalities and de facto appointments to 4 DBP municipalities till date. In total, there has been a civil-coup against 38 DBP held municipalities. Turkey’s deepening chaos lead by the AKP/Palace is exemplified by the dismissal of 38 DBP co-chairs, the arrests of 37 municipality co-chairs, search warrants for 7 DBP municipality co-chairs. Also, 43 DBP municipality co-chairs were released after being arrested or detained, within to the scope of the case.


Van, Mardin metropolitan municipalities, along with Dersim and Siirt municipalities and the 4 de facto municipalities, alongside Amed Metropolitan municipality make up the 38 municipalities seized by the government by appointed trustees.


*DBP votes, 55.89% for Batman municipality. Appointed Government trustee Şeref Aksoy.

*DBP votes, 66.83% for Hakkari municipality. Appointed Government trustee, assistant governor Coney Epçim.

*DBP votes 48.43% for Diyadin municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Mekan Çeviren.

*DBP votes, 50.45% for Beşiri municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Mustafa Maslak.

* DBP votes, 52.43% for Gercüş municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Ünal Koç.

* DBP votes, 69.55% for Silvan municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorMurat Kütük.

* DBP votes, 54.41% for Sur municipality. Appointed Government trustee, assiatant governor Bilal Özkan.

* DBP votes, 39.08% for Hınıs municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Bülent Ay.

* DBP votes, 51.67% for Tuzluca municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor İbrahim Civelek.

* DBP votes, 60.16% for Dargeçit municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor M. Yaşar Yeşiltaş.

* DBP votes, 64.4% for Derik municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor M. Fatih Saltürk.

* DBP votes, 61.71% for Mazıdağ municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorHalit Benek.

* DBP votes, 78.78% for Nusaybin municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorErgün Baysal.

* DBP votes, 45.84% for Bulanık municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorÖmer Şahin.

* DBP votes, 52.37% for Eruh municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorMurat Dayanç.

* DBP votes, 52.58% for Suruç municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorTarık Açıkgöz

* DBP votes, 81.61% for Cizre municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorAhmet Adanur

* DBP votes, 78.19% for Silopi municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Savaş Konak.

* DBP votes, 78.9% for İdil municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Ersin Tepeli.

* DBP votes, 50.91% for Edremit municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorİbrahim Özkan.

* DBP votes, 49.43% for Erciş municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorM.Şirin Yaşar.

* DBP votes, 48.32% for İpekyolu municipality. Appointed Government trustee, Assistant Governor Önder Can.

* DBP votes, 71.62% for Özalp municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorSerdar Karal.

* DBP votes, 56.22% for İkiköpru municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governorMustafa Maslak.

* DBP votes, 61.75% for Hoşhaber municipality. Appointed Government trustee, Assitant Governor Bilgehan Karafil.

* DBP votes, 45.8% for Hani municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Yusuf Turan.

* DBP votes, 55.32% for Amed Metroplitan municipality. Appointed Government trustee, District Governor Cumali Atilla.

* DBP votes, 60.91% for Şırnak municipality. Appointed Government trustee, Assistant Goernor Turan Bedirhanoğlu.

* DBP votes, 63.40% for Varto municipality. Appointed Government trustee, district governor Mehmet Nuri Çetin.

* DBP votes, 35.12% for Bitlis Ahlat – Ovakışla Municipality.

This shows the AKP/Palace regime have hijacked the will of the people by, most recently, the seizure of the Siirt municipality, Mardin Metropolitan municipality, Van Metropolitan municipality and Dersim municipality, through appointing trustees, totalling a number of 34 DBP held municipalities being officially seized by the government and Viransehir, Halfeti and Bozova municipalities being de facto seized by appointing district Governors to take over administration.


1 – Adile Kozay – Gever Municipality Deputy Co-Chair;

2- Dilek Hatipoğlu – Hakkari Municipality Co-Chair

3- Nurullah Çiftçi – Hakkari Municipality Co-Chair

4- Sevil Rojbin Çetin – Edremit Municipality Co-Chair

5- Handan Bağcı – Van Özalp Municipality Co-Chair

6- Ali Çam – Iğdır Hoşhaber Municipality Co-Chair

7- Diba Keskin – Erçiş Municipality Co-Chair

8- Rahmi Çelik – Bulanık Municipality Co-Chair

9- Burhan Kocaman – Elazığ Karakoçan Municipality Co-Chair

10- Cennet Ayık – Elazığ Karakoçan Municipality Co-Chair

11- Zeynep Şimşik – Dargeçit Municipality Co-Chair

12- Seyran Argan – Beytüşşebap Municipality Co-Chair

13- Abdurrahman Çağan – Erçiş Municipality Co-Chair

14- Abdulkerim Erdem – Derik Municipality Co-Chair

15- Sabahat Çetinkaya – Derik Municipality Co-Chair

16-  Hazal Aras – Diyadin Municipality Co-Chair

17- Kasım Ağgün – Iğdır Hoşhaber Municipality Co-Chair

18 – Aygün Taşkın – Ergani Municipality Co-Chair

19 – Figen Yaşar – Bulanık Municipality Co-Chair

20- Nazmi Çoşkun – Hakkari Municipality Deputy Co-Chair

21- Şerafettin Özalp – Özalp Municipality Co-Chair

22- Nevin Oyman – İdil Municipality Co-Chair

23- Tülay Karaca – Erzurum Tekman Municipality Co-Chair

24 – Abdurahman Zorlu – Hani Municipality Co-Chair

25 – Mehmet Muhdi Aslan – İdil Municipality Co-Chair

26 – Zilan Aldatmaz – Van Saray Municipality Co-Chair

27 – Gültan Kışanak – Amed Metroplitan Municipality Co-Chair

28 – Fırat Anlı – Amed Metropolitan Municipality Co-Chair

29 – Suna Atabay – Van Çaldıran Municipality Co-Chair

30 – Ahmet Demir – Ovakışla Municipality Co-Chair

31 – Servin Karakoç – Ovakışla Municipality Co-Chair

32 – Sabite Ekinci – Varto Municipality Co-Chair

33 – Hüseyin Güneş – Varto Municipality Co-Chair

34 – Kadir Konur – Cizre Municipality Co-Chair

35 – Tuncer Bakırhan – Siirt Municipality Co-Chair

36 – Mehmet Ali Bul – Dersim Municipality Co-Chair

37 – Nurhayat Altun – Dersim Municipality Co-Chair

HDP-verkiezingsbijeenkomst in Diyarbakir (Amed) voor de presidentsverkiezingen, augustus 2014. Foto: Kristel Cuvelier

HDP election meeting in Diyarbakir (Amed) for the presidential elections, August 2014. Photo: Kristel Cuvelier