•         Women , men, the old and young are all attacked, wounded and killed. Villages and cities with historical buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses and homes  are bombed and wantonly destroyed. Agricultural land with livestock  are all being burnt and scorched.
•         End to the massacres of human and nature that is taking place in Kurdistan
The armed forces of the Turkish State have been conducting ruthless operations in Kurdistan where a lot of city and towns such as Diyarbakir-Sur, Cizre, Sirnak, Silopi, Nusaybin, Gever (Yuksekova), Hezex (Idil), Silvan, Derik and Kerboran (Dargecit) are razed to ground. Thousands of people have been massacred or burnt alive brutally either broad daylignt  or ,  in their homes and   basements. Many have been left wounded, maimed and disabled.
More than 500 000 people have been displaced from their residential areas  and  made homeless and jobless. The   Turkish army is  now rolling out  its   operations to all over  Kurdistan   causing greater destruction and more massacres.
Massacres are carried out by the Turkish Army under  Operation ( name ) in district of Lice in Diyarbakir and surrounding areas
A big operation has commenced after after five days of  the curfew declared in Lice and 39 residential areas in surrounding.   Planes and helicopters are being used to torchi  (not clear )  in Lice and surrounding areas including the  mountainus and forests.
The  green verdant land  reaching tens of thousand hectares is now being inot turned to ashes together with the vineyards and orchards belonging to the villagers. These   resources on which people depend  are being systematically destroyed and people are being forced to emigrate elsewhere
A great humanitarian, ecological and economical tragedy is taking place. t
The community members engaged in fire fighting  are being detained.
The people who are trying to put out the fires with their own meaans are being prevented and the ones who are opposing this are being detained. The journalists, non- govermental organisations and representatives of the political parties  from the outside of the area are being banned from entering the area.  War crimes are being committed and these are being covered up by  imposing military zones which exclude people including journalists.
Urgent Call for intervention and solidarity
We call on United Nations, European Union and Council of Europe and any other relevant institutions and individiuals to intervene by any means necessary to put pressure on the Turkish State to stop these crimes against humanity. People in Kurdistan are facing an emergency and unless urgent action is taken  there will be irreparable humanitarian and ecologoical tragedies.
27 June 2016
Kurdistan National Congress