The young generation has an essential role to play in the development towards independence, both for themselves and for others. The participants of this webinar obtained impressive and even captivating testimonials from our two young speakers, who, despite all adversity, showed incredible courage and perseverance.

Dîlan Muslem, living in Rojava, told her story and took us back to the near past. To the by war destructed Aleppo (where she studied) and Kobanî (where she lived). However, Dîlan managed to graduate in 2016 and afterwards to start her own business.

Perwîn Saleh is a student in Brussels, but was forced to flee from Rojava. Also Perwîn brought us her story. Meanwhile, she is engaged to support a project that aims to give the international community much more knowledge of the impact that the recent war against ISIS had in Rojava.

We were also very pleased with the intervention of Koen Metsu who, as a federal parliamentarian, succeeded to vote a resolution recognizing the genocide against the Yazidi population.

The recording of this webinar can be seen or reviewed via the following YouTube-link: Rojava – Session 5. Enjoy this video!