Our second webinar focusing on the various aspects, principles and values ​​of the model of society in the Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria (Rojava) took place on Thursday 15 April.

This session explained the revolutionary role that women play in this society. When it comes to gender equality and women’s rights, one can absolutely say that the Rojava model is unique and revolutionary in comparison to all the adjoining regimes in the Middle East.

Derwich Ferho, president of the Kurdish Institute, took a dive into history. His presentation focused on a number of absolute remarkable women and their achievements. Women who have meant a lot to the Kurdish movement and the Kurdish struggle for self-government, both in the past and in the present. For this purpose, Derwich looked back till 12th Century.

Next speaker was Zozan Alloush, the spokeswoman in Europe for the Syrian Democratic Council (development and humanitarian affairs). The audience enjoyed Zozan’s explanation and informative answers to various questions. Participants obtained a nswers and clarifications on (among other things):

  • How women’s empowerment has evolved over the last decades in the Kurdish community and in Northeast Syria (Rojava) in particular.
  • How gender equality and women’s rights were enshrined in laws (the Social Contract). Zozan provided concrete examples of this from daily life.
  • How the many communities, diverse religions and cultures in Rojava deal with such a guaranteed position for women.
  • Information about the concept of “Jineology” and the women’s movement.

For those who missed the session, or who would like to watch it all again, here is the (YouTube) link: Rojava – Session 2