Kurdish Aspect – Denver,CO,USA  
Azad Hevallo

I have been spurred to write this post because of a genuine and sincere belief that urgent actions are needed if a civil war between Turks and Kurds in Turkey is to be avoided.

Let nobody be under any illusions that the situation now is that serious.

Anybody, who has been seriously following the present situation of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle, knows that we are facing an historic crossroads and if no serious steps are taken by the Turkish Government to address the political concerns of the Kurds then the patience that has been shown by the Kurdish Freedom Movement will break and an intense period of conflict will return to Turkey until such moves are made.

The Turkish Government must know this.

The Kurdish Freedom Movement has recently shown, again, that they have the mass and popular support of the Kurdish people in Turkey.

Winning a historical victory at the local elections, 29th May 2009, the Kurdish Freedom Movement is at it’s strongest, politically, psychologically, ideologically and militarily.

The intense psychological war and misinformation campaign spread about the Kurdish Freedom Movement has failed. This needs to be reflected upon by both the people who churn it out and the people who unquestioningly regurgitate it in Turkey and outside of Turkey.

It is in no-ones interest to blindly repeat the same mantra of ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorists’ when it comes to The Kurdish Question in Turkey.

The Kurdish Freedom Struggle is the same as the struggle of any oppressed nation. It is not an issue of ‘terrorism’ but rights enshrined in international laws of self determination. The Kurdish people have been held under subjugation and suppression almost since the establishment of the modern Turkish state and have resisted being forcibly assimilated into Turkish culture, language and politics.

It is time for change! It is time for a political solution!

Everybody knows it, but will it happen! And if not why not?

What is the mechanism by which it could happen? Is anybody instigating it?

One would hope that as we speak secret talks are going on in Sweden or Iraq or some other third country between representatives of the PKK/DTP and the Turkish Government. One would hope that the Turkish Government eager to avoid a full blown civil war would be making the necessary arrangements and signals to the Kurdish Movement that they are ready for peace and ready for resolution.

But I don’t believe this is happening. The DTP leadership in a action that suggests that they too see an urgency as the time ticks away before the latest ceasefire of the military side of the Kurdish Movement runs out on June 1st 2009, began a hunger strike to appeal to the government for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question.

Further protests and actions are planned!

It incumbent upon all of us who in any way have campaigned over the years for Kurdish rights to increase our efforts and inform those who could have any influence over Turkey that what they do NOW is important.

Time is ticking away. After June 1st 2009, the PKK will of been given the message that the Turkish regime do not want to find a solution now and are willing to take Turkey to a dark place to avoid a political and peaceful solution.

And this time, with the Kurdish Movement at its peak, it is only a matter of time, and many more martyrs, before Turkey will be forced to the table.

The response of the Turkish side to offers of peace from the Kurdish side has been increased repression.

But as always, increased Turkish repression only strengthens the Kurdish will to fight and reminds us of the Kurdish saying, "Increase your cruelty as it will hasten your downfall!"

But why should more people die?

The Kurdish Freedom Movement are creating the opportunities for peace and all are being ignored and brutally suppressed.

These are URGENT ACTIONS for Peace!

Those who follow and are knowledgeable of the situation know what the stakes are!

Those who are ignorant, the so called ‘experts’ who get paid to write Turkish propaganda and ‘security consultants’ continue to ignore the seriousness of the situation and oblige the Turkish regime by labelling and misinforming. These people do a great disservice to the search for peace.

It is time for anyone who can or cares about this issue, to speak out for peace if we are to avoid a full scale civil war in Turkey!

Time is running out! Ceasefire ends June 1st 2009!