The regime has chosen to use the military and security as a tool to suppress and eradicate the revolution resulted in such a situation. The international and regional interventions are clear to the extent that war in Syria is labeled as a representative war on behalf of regional and international powers. This fact makes us realize how dangerous the situation is in Syria. The ambiguous future which awaits Syria after the expected fall down of the regime made the whole world worried about and planning for that day. What makes it worse is existence of Islamist extremist groups and all armed manifestations. Therefore the Kurds must have their own plans and take the necessary measures for the day after Bashar al- Assad as all other parts doing so.Based on this fact all national and pro- democracy parts called for protecting and strengthening of the national unity and this measure should not considered as a transitional measure to bring the regime down, because what is coming is more dangerous and extremely difficult. On the other hand the Turkish state continues to    undermine the Kurds unity and tries to sow the seed of dissension among them by spreading and circulating different kinds of rumors and false news ( propagandas) aiming at undermining our people’s aspirations from obtaining their legitimate rights. It is no doubt that the suspicious events which have happened in Kurdish areas recently and the formation of a military council the Free Syrian Army threats against the Kurds and vowing to interfere in those areas is a sign of  Turkish intelligence activities. Those activities came after the Turkish- American agreement with some factions of Syrian opposition to establish their presence and organizations in the Kurdish areas.

Therefore it is the Kurds responsibility to be cautious and to get united to spare our

areas troubles and destruction and not to give our enemies a chance to succeed in preventing our people from getting their legitimate rights.

 The higher Kurdish Council decides toraise the Council’s symbol indemonstrations and checkpoints.

 The higher Kurdish Council met in Nurradin Zazza’s hall in Qamishlo on Wednesday the 22. August 2012. They discussed different issues of which the called on joint- committees to continue to form their meetings in order to define their authorities and responsibilities and to fulfill tasks. They also took some important decisions by agreeing to Kobane’s two local councils’ recommendations to combat the spread of drug plants. The higher Kurdish Council’s spokesman Ahmed Suleiman said in an interview with Aldemoqrati website, that the higher Kurdish Council has decided to raise only the Council’s emblem and to reduce the use of Kurdish parties’ flags and symbols and focus on what is common. As well as the Council has also decided to demonstrate in the next Friday under the slogan ‘’ towards a democratic, pluralistic Syria for its entire people’’.He reiterated the Council has taken a decision to raise only the Council’s symbol on all checkpoints and they going to meet with the local security unities in this regard
 Higher Kurdish Council’s statement

 Due to the developments of the situation in Syria and their repercussions on the Kurdish people areas, as well due to the chaos which is spreading rapidly in turn required the Kurdish movement to take some urgent procedures to secure people’s safety and their properties as well raised some suspicions by some regional and international sides. We do confirm that we are a part of Syrian people and their revolution for freedom and dignity. We strive by our peaceful and active participation in this revolution to establish a pluralistic and democratic Syria. As we reiterate that the Kurds are no danger and no threat for the security of neighboring countries and we do not seek an independent state or separation from our Syrian society and those urgent and necessary procedures, which has been taken in the Kurdish areas, are to maintain the civil peace and protect people’ lives.

 Second wife strips the head of Amuda’s rural council of his duties.
The broad council for Amuda’s region has decided to disqualify the head of Amuda’s rural areas council from his post;

After deciding to get married with a second wife. The people’s council in western Kurdistan decided in its second meeting to the membership of any people’s council in western Kurdistan member when they would get married for a second time. The decision came after demands form women’s committee on the board of the meeting which was voted for by members. Women’s committee expressed the decision came to ensure that women’s rights and that they have the same rights as men in all walks of life; As well to protect the family integrity in the Kurdish society.

 The executive board of people’s council in western Kurdistan gathers for its second meeting in Efrin.

The executive board of people’s council in western Kurdistan gathers for its second meeting in Efrin on Friday 17.8.2012. in center for youths in the presence of the co-president of the people’s council in western Kurdistan Ms Sienam Muhammed, democratic society coordination member Mr Ferhad Deriki and the co-president of the democratic union party PYD Ms Asia Muhammed.

They discussed the current political developments in Syria as well in the region and the whole Middle East, the importance of the Kurds unity to refute plots and conspiracies against the Kurdish people, they also pointed out that the higher Kurdish committee should tackle all the current developments with sensitivity and cautiousness.

The meeting pointed at the importance of developing tasks and demanding to exert more efforts to succeed in this historical time which Syria is going through generally and western Kurdistan especially.

They mentioned the importance of Kurds unity to achieve people’s aspirations and hopes in freedom and democracy. That why they called on all parts to be cautious and aware of the conspiracies and plots which aim at our people’s will.

After the political discussions they started to read reports which were presented by different committees and organizations working under the people’s council umbrella in western Kurdistan. They also studied suggestions, opinions and terms which were sent to the council.

The meeting expressed their willingness to fulfill their responsibilities in order to serve their people and to accomplish democratic self-administration project in western Kurdistan which reignited people’s hopes and aspirations in freedom and democracy.