Various news sources (AFP, Middle East Eye, France 24) report that on Tuesday, August 17, at least three people were killed and five injured after a Turkish airstrike on a hospital in Sinjar (NW of Iraq). While all the attention of the world press is, for understandable reasons, focused on Afghanistan, Turkey is making good use of it to target hospitals.
This air raid was done with drone aircrafts. Or to make it more concrete, with war technology imported from the west. The most cynical thing is that as a NATO member, Turkey maintains good contacts with jihadist and terrorist groups: IS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
According to Jalal Khalef Bisso, the right-hand man of the mayor of Sinjar, 3 people were killed and 5 injured in this airstrike. The hospital has been completely destroyed.
The Turkish bombing in Basûr, the Kurdish region of Iraq, is going on for months now, but hardly ever makes the press. No diplomatic response from the west either. According to information received at our Institute, the victims often include civilians, including women, children and elders.
Reports of the drone airstrike can be found via the news pages of Middle East Eye en France 24