Last month in Akra, a town belongs to Dohuk Governorate in Kurdistan region-Iraq; Imam of Muslims named "Mullah Farzanda", discoursed publically and spoke in a condolence that the Muslims must kill all the Yezidis and may never stay them alive because they (the Yezidis) killed the girl Duha’a. This threatening is holding more than one meaning, which sends at least a message that the Yezidi surviving in Kurdistan is in areal risk. Especially if we know that he is the imam of the "Red Castle Mosque in Shaklawa-Erbilis", and from Barazns’ family and the people are adopting his attitudes. But, a question here, why is this invitation in such occasion after more than one year from the event?
We all as Yezidis criticized that barbaric event and we also declared that a group of Yezidi fanatic youths from the girl’s relatives who did that as an honor crime and also as revenge of the Kurds gunmen who attacked the Yezidi civilians in Sheikhan on February 15, 2007 and not all Yezidi society shared their barbaric behavior. But, imams in Kurdistan are still accusing all Yezidi society (Yezidi religion), as criminals because they killed that girl.
We as human rights defenders are afraid of the revenge after this religious Fatwa, because our entire hurricane happened after the religious Fatwas. The following link is the imam’s discourse in Kurdish language, which encouraging the Muslims to revenge and kill all Yezidi where ever they be. Therefore, it is obvious that the attack of thousands of Kurdish gunmen on February 15, 2007; The murder of 24 textile worker in Mosul on April 24, 2007 and the horrendous blasts, with four vehicles detonated in Al-Qahtania and Al-Jazeera villages on August 14, 2007 are not far away from these fanatic imams’ invitations. So, what is the genocide? And, how can we distinguish and specify it?
The imam used a very dangerous Kurdish traditional proverb, which says "if the goat’s fate approached, it will eat the bread of the shepherd", which means that when Yezidis killed the girl Duha’a, so they must be seriously practiced and eliminated.
The Kurdistan government hasn’t right now even invited this fanatic imam for investigation. Therefore, we are accusing this government either it is participating this imam in his belief and supporting his Fatwa, or it has no ability to account and control the fanatics. So, we think that, in such occasion, the Kurdish authorities are unable to protect the Yezidis and other religious minorities in Kurdistan from the fanatic Fatwas.
Our demand from these international organizations is to send a message to both Iraqi Federal and Kurdistan governments to deal legally with the issues; Firstly with the peoples who killed the girl and secondly with the fanatics who are encouraging others for revenge. The language of the link is in "Kurdish Bahdinani", so please will you choose a translator who understands the speech very well and may he/she explain it for you.

Best regards, and waiting your kind replies.

Ali Seedo Rasho
Academic and Yezidi Cultural Association president in Iraq.
Human Rights Activist.
[email protected]
Mobile: +20 11 85 36 745