Since the establishment of the Kurdistan region, the Kurdistan neighbour countries, who occupied Kurdistan, they’re planning to collapse the region’s experiment. Indeed Iran and Turkey through threading, gathering army, bombarding, air force shelling, terror and military crept up, made a continuous war against Kurdish people. The Iranian bombings and present Turkey’s air force shelling against civil border’s residents passed all limited borders, in spite of displacing thousands of families, burning thousands donums of citizens’ groves and chaff, and caused martyrdom of several civil people and injuring many others.
      This hostile planning not only coming from outside borders of our region, it might exist since falling down of fascism baath regime. The terrorists’ and baath’s remainders plans against Kurdish residents people in the cubicle areas is continuing which caused arabising in those areas under the pressure of threat, killing and ousting of Kurdish families under the sight of Iraqi and American responsible officers performs unsavorily.
     We, as Kurdish citizens while we contempt and ashamed this triple plan, at the same time we also emphasizing preparedness of our people for defense sacrificing till Kurdistan independence, as soon as we ask you to:
1-   Infringements of both Iran and Turkey should be stopped immediately.
2-    International community through the U.N and Amnesty International should limit these infringements.
3-   The victims should be compensated by Iran and Turkey.
4-   International Community should formalize a complaint against Iran due to arefying Alwan river as a crime against environment and humanity.
5-   The membership of Turkey should be suspended or stopped in NATO, if its infringements continued.
6-   UN and alliance forces at the front American forces, take contraposition against Turkey and Iran.
7-   Till the 140 article applied, the protection of cubicle areas should be the Peshmarga forces responsibility.
                                                       Bloody Striking Group
                                                        Kurdistan, Slemany