It is clear that the Syrian regime is losing its legitimacy of ruling the country and Syrians no longer accept it. Peaceful demonstrations have been taking place all over the country, which has further weakened the regime.
In circumstances like this where the regime is about to collapse, the Kurdish movement in Syria has worked and is working to identify and cement the rights of the Kurds. In this regard, the Kurds held an election with the participation of more than 250,000 Kurdish citizens. This election resulted in the establishment of the People’s Council for Western Kurdistan, which includes representatives from various sects and ethnicities in Western Kurdistan. This step is essential for the implementation of the Democratic Union Party’s [PYD] Democratic Self-Governing Project, which offers an alternative democratic solution to the Kurdish issue and a democratic model that can be implemented in Syria as a whole.
Therefore, we, the Syrian Kurdish in Diaspora in exile, welcome this historic step and declare that the People’s Council in Western Kurdistan is the sole representative of our will – the Kurdish will. We also assure the public that we fully support the peaceful demonstrations that have been taking place in the past nine months in Western Kurdistan and Syria. These demonstrations provide an example of the public’s will and determination in deciding their own future and destiny. Hence, we believe that the formation of the People’s Council in Western Kurdistan and the Democratic Self-Governing Project are proactive steps and democratic models for the Syrian people to adopt and follow.

We ask all the democratic forces in Europe and the rest of the world to stand by and show their solidarity with the Syrian revolution in order to achieve its goals in the establishment of a pluralistic and democratic political system. We also urge them to support the Kurdish people in their struggle for recognition of their rights including self-governance through creating the institutions of democratic civil society.

The European Organization of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)