The unilateral ceasefire decidedupon by our movement, the road-map that was prepared by our leader and our peoples’ call for peace,demonstrate the commitment of our movement and people to peace and a democratic resolution.The internal and external conditions in which the policy of denial of the Kurdish people perpetratedby the Turkish state could be carried out no longer exist thanks to the struggle of the people ofKurdistan for freedom, democracy and peace led by Leader Apo.  

In the face of the powerful insistence on freedom demonstrated by our Movement and people, the Turkish state is trying to legitimate its existence in Kurdistan by restoring its system of denial and annihilation. The main purpose is to overtly apply the policies of assimilation, dissolution and annihilation, by exterminating the Kurdistan freedom movement and enslaving the people of Kurdistan. It is for this reason that especially the president, prime minister and the minister of internal affairs, have not taken any practical steps for the resolution of the question while uttering statements that merely sound positive. They aim at annihilation instead of reconciliation. On the other hand, the MHP-CHP and Turkish Chief of General Staff continue with their traditional insistence on siding with the policy of denial annihilation. 

The policy, which was initially characterised as openness to the resolution of Kurdish issue, andtransformed today into a project carried out under the name of national unity, has acquired the nameof annihilation of the guerrilla and the PKK following the recent statements of the authorities.

Discussions that the ministry of internal affairs is engaged in with some sections, diplomatic relationsthat the ministry of foreign affairs is working on, as well as the meetings of the prime minister withUS authorities, are not focused on the resolution of the Kurdish question, but targeting theannihilation of the PKK. 

In the meantime, the annihilation operations against the guerrilla for the liberation of Kurdistan,which are carried out in spite of the unilateral ceasefire announced by our movement on 13th April,operations against the institutions in the political and social arena, the reactivated extrajudicial killingsand massacre of Kurdish children, are all continuing without losing momentum.In the face of the activities of the AKP government and state to frustrate our peoples’ endeavours for aresolution, our Leadership has demonstrated its clear commitment by deciding to send three peacegroups to Turkey from Kandil, Maxmur, and Europe in order to unblock the peace process. However,the MHP, CHP, president, prime minister, ministry of internal affairs and the Chief of General Staffhave all provoked the racist and chauvinist sections, by evaluating the meeting of our people with thepeace envoys as a public provocation, in order to pre-empt the steps taken by our movement toeliminate the obstacles before the resolution of the question. However, sending the peace envoys andtheir meeting with our people are the expressions of the insistent and determined stance of ourLeadership, movement and people on peace. But they did not tolerate this. 

The AKP government has put the resolution of Kurdish question on the agenda of the parliament,although with delay. The discussion of the issue in the right and democratic manner is as important asits appearance before the parliament, in terms of Turkish history. The reason for this is that thequestion has never been correctly defined and evaluated in the light of correct solutions. Analysingthe Kurdish Question as terrorism, calling on Kurdish guerrillas to surrender, to ban the rights ofpeople to exercise their culture including education in mother tongue allowing Kurdish language as anoptional subject of study in education and refusal to recognise the position of our leader AbdullahÖcalan are not ‘new initiatives’ for democratisation. Just as no issue can be resolved without anauthority, there has never been a discussion, dialogue or agreement that has not been carried outwithout the free will of all the parties who are in conflict. 

More importantly, the fact that the AKP government gives priority to the surrender of the guerrillainstead of dialogue and reconciliation seeks to undermine the guerrilla resistance either by failing tounderstand or pretending not to understand. Such an imposition means firstly to disregard the will ofKurdish people and insisting on turning a blind eye to the reality.

The AKP still evaluates the issue as a matter of power and AKP policy. It wants to develop a definition of the Kurdish question and a resolution that suits its own purposes. This is the basis on which it wants to render its power permanent. For this, it is taking a step back considering the approaching general elections, in the face of the racist-chauvinist pressures of the CHP and MHP. This requires the status of the issue to be disregarded, hence its incorrect evaluation. The manner in which the Kurdish issue is approached is the expression of the approach to the existence of Turkey and the shape of its future. The Kurdish question cannot also be evaluated in accordance with a simplistic and tactical perspective. The issue cannot be resolved by encouraging the powers in the south to put political and military pressure on the PKK. 

It is possible to resolve the Kurdish issue only within the framework of equal and free fraternity ofTurkish and Kurdish peoples and with democratic autonomy, without infringing the borders ofTurkey. It is known how the similar problems have been resolved in Turkey. This firstly requiresdialogue and negotiation. Recognition of Leader Apo, the PKK and the legal political movement asthe interlocutors is an issue that needs to be discussed and clarified. This should be seen as the natural aspect of the issue at hand, by keeping it out of every discussion. Unless this is done, it would be impossible to make progress in the resolution of the issue. 

On the other hand, constructing scenarios, evaluating the number of people, who may arrive from Maxmur etc and sending some people to Turkey, who are outside the process and not party to theissue, will not contribute to its resolution. This attitude does not mean anything other than deceivingthe public and pursuing narrow political purposes. The issue can never be resolved in this manner.The fact that the ROAD MAP that has been prepared by Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan inassociation with the peaceful and democratic political solution of the Kurdish question has not beenpresented to the public is a serious mistake. It is imperative to rectify the mistake and present theRoad Map to the public. 

The continuation of political and military operations while talking about resolution and peace rendersthe statements of Turkish state and government doubtful. It is absolutely essential to cease thesepolitical and military operations in order to eliminate this doubt. The Kurdish issue can be resolvednot through some limited amendments in law and regulations, but only on the basis of realconstitutional changes. This requires Turkey to create the conditions in which free and equalcoexistence of the identity of Kurdish people should be constitutionally guaranteed as part of thedemocratic peoples of Turkey. 

At this stage, restrictions on the Kurdish language, which is one of the oldest and deep-rootedlanguages of the world, or granting it the mere status of a course or study option, will not help theresolution of the issue. Kurdish should be the language of education from primary school touniversity. Its use and development, and experiencing its historical value, culture, art andgeographical roots, should be seen as part of these rights. 

It is necessary to take concrete steps towards the development of the organisation of Kurdish society,engagement in democratic politics, and the right to free speech. As an expression of the sincerity ofthe Turkish state towards peace and a democratic resolution, special military powers should bewithdrawn from the village, town and cities of Kurdistan, and the system of village guards should beabolished. Conditions should be created to allow the people of Kurdistan to live free from policeoppression, and establish and develop their lives in security with sufficient opportunities.Discussion of the Kurdish issue in the Turkish parliament is an opportunity. The parliament should beable to discuss the development of a permanent resolution, but not through narrow politicalcalculations and threats.  

They should make the decision to take serious steps towards peace for the resolution of this issue, which has been a matter of controversy since 1925. The parliament can demonstrate positive approach if they can discuss the matter within this framework. If this occurs, the Kurdish Liberation Movement would also fulfil their own responsibilities. It should be clearly understood that an approach based on hostility and narrow political interests will not serve the resolution of the issue in any way. 

KCK Chairman Of Executive Council