The supporters of the members of the Democratic Union Party will start in the Belgium capital Brussels went on hunger strike next Saturday and Sunday and ends in a demonstration protesting in front of the emabassy of the syrain regime in solidarity with hunger strikers of the members of the party in the (Adra) prison in Damascus and also to condemn the so-called courts of the Supreme State Security and harsh sentencing the right of members and supporters of the party reached a campaign of arrests against members and supporters of the Party. The hunger strike came a series of protests to draw the attention of the European public both official and popular, to put pressure on the Syrian regime to provide the detainees for fair trials or release them and pressure on the regime to provide care to the strikers and to allow their relatives to lawyes to meet with them.


We are doing this condemning as part of the tasks lies with us as part of a people subjected to all kinds of denial, where remains the Syrian regime denied the presence of the Kurdish people on their land. They also continue in the detentions campaigns and the issuance of special decrees as 49 which paralysed economic life, to force the Kurdish people migration from their land in the framework of an ongoing scheme for dozens of years.

 The organization aims of their effectiveness to bridge the way to the practices of the Syrian regime, who works to sign the partnership agreement with the European countries in an attempt to get out of isolation imposed on it and this is what allows him to exercise more pressure on the activists Kurds and Arabs.This is what we are trying to indicate to all to put pressure on the Syrian regime to stop the practice of repression against activists of the Syrian people generally and Kurdish especially and specifically our colleagues and of the supporters of the Democratic Union Party  political life in Syria and admit constitutional right of the Kurdish people.  The organization of European Democratic Union Party