This attack, which has been developed in parallel with the political genocide performed in Northern Kurdistan by the Turkish state and the government of the AKP, has been a step to encourage the Turkish state to continue its attacks against the Kurdish people.
In the face of this act of terror ‘against the freedom of press’ and ‘right to receive news’ of the Kurdish people, our people and their friends should not, in any way, stay silent.
The responsibility of this attack, which has been carried on the basis of the request of the Turkish state in the Center of NATO of Brussels, belongs to the Belgium government and those powers behind it.
In the face of this hostile attack against the institutions of the Kurdish people, all the kurdish people living in Europe should come together in Brussels in order to  increase their protests  against these unfair, unjust and anti-democratic attacks and ask to an end to these attacks.
The kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan and wherever they are should upgrade their protests against this attack. And, we also call upon Kurdish Press to protest this, and to be in solidarity with ROJ TV.
In the face of this unjust and aggressive tendencies, We call upon all European democratic forces and intellectuals not to remain silent and should act against it.
The Presidency
of the Executive Council of the KCK
4 March 2010