We have no news of our leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan for since 7 months, he has been held since 15th of February 1999 in a lonely island by Turkey in complete isolation. This total isolation on him is a systematical torture. We are concerned for his life. The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture  (CPT), which has the responsibility to care for his condition and to visit him regularly, does not fulfill its mission.
With our 3 day Solidarity Hunger Strike, we want to show our support for the demands of the indefinite-irreversible Hunger Strikers:
1 – Elimination of existing fears on Ocalan’s health and safety issue, which has escalated to a severe extent, as quickly as possible by the European Council and its affiliates.
2 – Elimination of the strict isolation of Ocalan, which causes extreme discomfort to the Kurdish people and which may also become the reason and cause for a great war and countless deaths, and the urgent creation of an environment in which Ocalan can meet with his lawyers.
3 – Attempts towards the freedom of Ocalan and a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue by the European Council and international institutions.
4 – Monitoring of the Turkish state by the European Council, regarding the ongoing oppressive and violent policies against the Kurdish people, and the freezing of Turkey’s membership if no action towards a policy change occurs.
5 – The European Union and European states to abandon the attitudes which up till now have and are still supporting Turkey’s violence and denial policies and to utilize their influence for a fair and peaceful resolution to the Kurdish Issue. As a first and initial step for this, the removal of the Kurdish Freedom Movement from the Terror Lists in which it has been unjustly placed.
6 – The solution of the Kurdish Issue via democratic and political channels and the urgent creation of an environment for Mr Ocalan to conduct politics, and the involvement of international agencies and institutes to achieve this aim.
7 – Active cooperation and support of democratic international public and agencies for Kurdish peoples’ democracy, freedom and peace struggle.
We call upon the public opinion, ngo`s, democratic associations to support us in our humanitary demands.
We ask you kindly to support us with your visits and press releases.
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Organisator : Federation of Kurdish Associations in Belgium
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