PYD Public Statement 22-11-2016

We, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), condemn the Turkish authorities’ arrest warrant for the Co-President of the PYD, Mr Salih Muslim Mohammed. We emphasise that we do not recognise this warrant, which contradicts international human rights law and conventions, lacking even the minimum legal and constitutional conditions. The accusations constructed against Mr Salih Muslim are false, baseless and slanderous.
Once again, this has proved to the world’s public opinion that the Turkish state and Erdogan’s government are hostile to the Kurdish people wherever they might be. Turkey is still continuing with its goal of political, cultural and physical extermination of all its opponents, especially the Kurds. The Turkish government disregards and violates international and human rights law on a daily basis and is intending to commit a new crime against our people.
The defeat of Turkey and its mercenaries in the military field, and the collapse of its strategy in Syria, the region and the world, has made the Turkish regime lose their mind, randomly attacking in all directions. However, we declare to the whole world that nothing will affect our determination to fight and defend our land and people. We have the strength and capabilities that enable us to face all plots and attacks no matter how frenzied.
We call upon all international democratic parties not to remain silent before the Turkish regime’s political, legal and physical massacre of the Kurdish people, and to move to stop the daily humanitarian crimes committed by the Turkish authorities.


The General Council of the PYD