Co-president of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Selahattin Demirtas says Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party’s current politics on Kurdish Question is worrisome and called on the government to take the opportunity presented by the declaration of ceasefire, for a peaceful solution.

Speaking after a meeting with Bar Union of Turkey, Demirtas held a brief press conference on extension of mandate for a cross border operation against the PKK and negotiations with the Turkish government.

He said no date was set for further negotiations between BDP and the Turkish government after first round of talks two weeks ago and there was no contact with AKP since then.

"We want to know if the Turkish government has clear intentions to solve the Kurdish Question or to make a new democratic constitution" he said.

Demirtas also criticized Turkish governments decision to hold a closed session in the parliament on extension of mandate for a cross border operation against the PKK.

"Kurdish Question is one of the main problems of the country. We think it’s false to discuss about this in a closed session in the parliament" he commented.

"We need to discuss about every aspect of the Kurdish Question openly."

Demirtas also spoke about Turkey’s diplomatic efforts for security measures against the PKK in the international level. He criticized the latest visits to Germany, Syria and South Kurdistan by the Turkish officials and saidt that Turkish government does not show enough effort on democratization than security aspects of the Kurdish Question.

"We don’t need a cross border operation. PKK just declared a ceasefire and there is a chance that this ceasefire will become an indefinite one. What does this mean? This means ‘we won’t attack. We won’t hold attacks against Turkey in or outside of the country’. In this situation it’s Turkish governments responsibility to take a step forward" he said.

"Turkey must take this chance for peace" he concluded.

He said that the politics of Turkish government on Kurdish Question is worrisome and pointed that more effort must be shown on the road to sustainable peace in the region.