The crimes that these children were considered to commit, was making victory signs with
their fingers and to take part in various demonstrations , which in fact was approved by the
state itself. Also shouting slogans, participate in funeral ceremonies with their faces covered
was considered as crimes. However, the reason why these children had covered their faces
in the first place was to avoid being arrested because of their views. According to the
sources of CHAK, hundreds of Kurdish children and adolescents are in various prisons of
Turkey and Northern Kurdistan today.
Since 2006 in Northern Kurdistan, approximately 5000-6000 young people have been
charged with crimes against the country’s anti-terrorist laws. Many children between the
age group 12-18 were the first target group for the police force, to get arrested with
violence. These children were held in prisons during days, without any access to lawyers or
According to the international agreement that protects the children’s rights; children in this
age group has to be interrogated by a prosecutor who is qualified to present cases against
children in this very specific age group. However, in this case, the prosecutors which were
charging these children were in fact prosecutors who were usually carrying cases with heavy
penalties for adults. Both the prosecutor and the Supreme Court approved people between
ages fifteen and eighteen to be sentenced under the country’s anti-terror law sections, such
as sections 7 / 2, and 220 / 6, 7, 8 and 314 / 3, which sentenced to imprisonment up to
several years. This proofs the single fact that waving a flag that is banned, showing victory
sign during a demonstration or shout slogans, and the police’s single suspicion might be
enough to imprison a child in Turkey.
Kurdocide Watch – CHAK
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According to the sources of CHAK, the prison cells are dirty and despite the serious illnesses
that many of these children carry, the doctor visits occurs very rarely.
As result of the torture and inhuman treatment, a while ago, the children of the Diyarbakir
prison began to rebel. Last week, these children were deported to prisons in various cities of
Turkey. Since the parents’ ability to visit their children was prevented significantly the
parents are today protesting in front the Diyarbakir’s prison against these deportations. As a
result of the Terrorism Act, which limits the possibility to benefit from a defence lawyer and
any support from the relatives, these Kurdish children are prosecuted, tortured, punished,
imprisoned and deported.
The UN convention on children’s human rights and European Convention for the Protection
of Human Rights protects children against unfair acts and are against hate speech. Turkey is
a member of the UN and wants to join the EU and has signed under international
agreements. Despite all these facts, today there are ongoing torture, discrimination and
inhumane treatments against Kurdish children.
Turkey want to change the terror law
Because of pressure from the public, Turkey has been forced to work with the bill. The
proposal was formulated and submitted to parliament for approval of 5/10- 09. This
proposal was pushed forward in a systematic way, where it once again has been postponed
until the autumn of 2010. The proposal is not well deliberated and does not follow the
International Covenants. Obviously, the proposal does not solve the problem where the
child is prosecuted as a member of illegal organization and propaganda organizations. It
does not prevent the children arrest.
International and national campaign for Kurdish children’s freedom
Human rights organization Kurdocide Watch- CHAK has started a campaign for the freedom
for the Kurdish children.
CHAKs suggestions:
The 220 / 6.7, 8 and 314 / 3, 7 / 2, CMK 100 / 3 –laws must be stopped or not be used
against children. These laws are against international conventions that protect children
against injustices. Therefore, children who are victims of these laws must be released from
prison and all proceedings be closed.
Police officers, prosecutors, judges, court and prison staffs who work with children’s
proceedings needs to be educated and trained in agreement with international standards.
The child-prisons must follow international rules.
Our expectations of the UN, EU, human rights organizations and public opinion are to
support the Kurdish children who are victims of the Turkish terror laws.
The UN and EU must take this issue seriously. In order to accomplish this, they need to put
pressure on Turkey to change the law. Also by sending missions to Turkey and Northern
Kurdistan to visit children in prisons and by meeting these children’s relatives, human rightsand
social organizations and by meeting authorities to improve the situation of children.
We want you to take part of our campaign and sign your name, occupation and domicile that
will be sent to the Turkish government, the UN and the EU institutions. Our email address is:
[email protected] .
You can also write to the Turkish Government on the matter. Their e-mail address is:
Abdullah Gul, President, Republic of Turkey: [email protected]
Recep Tayip Erdoğan, Prime Minister, Republic of Turkey: [email protected] and
[email protected]
Sadullah Ergin,try of Justice, Republic of Turkey: [email protected]
Best regards
Kurdocide Watch – CHAK
Box 5047, 141 05 Kungens Kurva – Sweden
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Central Board
12 june 2010