Although the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) has declared unilateral ceasefire and in its latest declaration for a peaceful settlement reiterated its willingness for a political solution to the Kurdish issue, the Iranian regime is carrying our military operation in Kurdistan.
HPG stated that if the Turkish militaries don’t halt their operations they have the legitimate light of self-preservation to defend themselves. According to HPG statement, as a result of the bombardments a Kurdish guerrilla lost his life in Xakurk.

Iran killed 4 Kurdish guerrillas while PJAK calls for peace
According to Firat News Agency a group of contra-guerrillas composed of the local collaborators and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have initiated military operations in the region of Shpriran in Selmas District.

In the operation the Iranian militaries raided a group of Kurdish guerrillas of HRK (Eastern Kurdistan Defence Forces) in the village of Dostan and Balakan, and killed 4 Kurdish guerrillas.

HRK has not yet released a statement in connection to the event.
HRK is the military wing of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) founded in 2004 as the result of the systematic and continuous oppression of the Kurdish nation by the Iranian government. PJAK upholds the libertarian ideology of Apoism which advocates an ecological-democratic society with gender equality. PJAK’s main goal is to democratise Iranian system and to create a democratic con-federation for the long- oppressed Kurds.

Its initial objective is to limit and change the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to democratise it in four fundamental areas; the nation, society, citizenship and to evolve the state into a self-governing institution able to deliver public services and to maintain public security.