The Archbishop complimented Mr. Erdogan and his government for the support given to the people of Palestine, saying “We regard your pronouncements as the right ones and a declaration that matters of conflicts between nations can be settled only through peaceful negotiated talks amongst apposing groups.”
The Chair of ‘The Elders’ pointed out however that he was “concerned at the escalation of the conflict between the Turkish and the Kurdish peoples in which innocent young people, from both sides, are losing their lives.” Tutu continued, “We know from experience that no-one can emerge as the victor in such a conflict.” Like the situation in the Middle East, where “(p)eaceful negotiations are the only lasting solution to their problems, we are firmly of the view that the Kurdish question can likewise be resolved through peaceful negotiations with the genuine leadership of the Kurdish people.”
Archbishop Emeritus Tutu offered the help of the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG) “a human rights organisation in South Africa (who are) prepared to help in the initiative and (who will) assist in mobilising international support for the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question in your country.”
KHRAG launched an international million signature campaign for the release of Abdullah Ocalan as a first of several steps paving the way for peaceful negotiations. The release of Mr Ocalan and other political prisoners, and the un-banning of Kurdish leaders will be an important step towards peace in Turkey.
The letter from Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be personally delivered by Rev Matthew Esau, Vice-Chair of KHRG, to the Turkish Embassy in London, 43 Belgrave Square, SW2X 8PA today, 10 August 2010 at 11.00 am.
Rev Esau will be accompanied by Siobhain McDonagh MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Jonathan Fryer, lecturer and LiberalDemocrat politician, Frances Webber, human rights lawyer and Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London.

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