"With the successful revision of some parts of Turkish constitution, the AKP government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken some steps towards improved rule of law. He has also demonstrated his power and ability to govern. Nevertheless, Erdogan was not able to convince citizens of key Kurdish areas where most people followed the BDP’s call for a boycott."

On the ongoing bloody clashes in Kurdish Turkey, Bisky insists: "Following the Turkish army’s major military offensive against armed Kurdish opposition groups, the PKK took a step towards the government and declared a unilateral ceasefire. I appeal to Prime Minister Erdogan not to let the ceasefire go to waste, but to use his strengthened power for a "peace offensive". To finally achieve a sustainable and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, a dialogue with all representatives of the Kurdish population must now begin."

Bisky continues: "Soon, Turkish citizens will elect a new Parliament. It is absolutely necessary that acts of criminalization and repression against Kurdish politicians cease so that the democratization, peace and social reconciliation processes are reinforced. In particular, the current ten percent clause seems exclusionary to me and should be revised. Secondly, the upcoming trials of arrested DTP and BDP mayors and activists will be a test of the rule of law and the long and sad story of party prohibition needs to come to a definite end."

Brussels, 15 September 2010