ANF – 19/12/14



ISIS gangs have sprayed bullets on the border village of Perepere in Suruç district of Urfa with an antiaircraft weapon they have placed on the Turkish border. A civilian from Kobanê, İslim Müso, was seriously wounded in the ISIS attack after the beginning of which Turkish soldiers on the border fled to a military post.

The ISIS gangs coming from the Heyho hamlet in Qeremox village east of Kobanê have brought on a vehicle an antiaircraft weapon of theirs and placed it right near the railway on the Turkish side, raiding with this weapon bullets on the village of Perepere. A 30-year-old woman from Kobanê by the name of İslim Müso, mother of eight, who was trying to protect herself in a house in the village, was critically wounded after being hit by a bullet in the chest. The woman who was taken to Suruç state hospital by the villagers after the ending of the ISIS attack was later referred to another hospital in Urfa.

It has been learned that Müso had been staying in the Perepere village since she fled the attacks of the ISIS gangs in Kobanê.

Speaking about the incident, villagers told that the attack on their village continued for two hours, and that all the Turkish soldiers on the border fled the scene and went to the military guard post in the nearby village of Oğan. To the villagers who asked for help, soldiers said that; “We cannot do anything, you must protect yourselves.”

Almost all the houses in the village have been hit by ISIS bullets while the local people tried to protect themselves by laying on the ground and waiting so for 2 hours. Turkish soldiers have yet not turned back to the village which now resembles a battlefield.

In the meantime, the ISIS members are still waiting in the border area, with their antiaircraft weapon directed towards the village.

Published by ANF