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Freedom for Sanjar  women!
Stop genocide of Yzidian people.
3rd of August 2014 the ISIS group (Islamic Caliphate) tried to occupy North of Kurdistan, Sanjar area which occupied by Yazediyan people, because of weak defence the ISIS was successfully controlled the region. Meanwhile, this terrorist group for two years many times fight against west of Kurdistan and want to control that part of Kurdistan. In past few months this terrorist group fought against Kobany Kanton’s and they made the most horrifying crime against civilian people in west of Kurdistan.
According to the ISIS fighters if anyone who does not accept their Islamic law and do not follow their Suna pathway he/she not believer therefore they are (kafer). According to their law they are allowed to tread non believer in a variety of ways, such as, killing, Sexual assault, prison, ”Jazyia” i.e. tax them, and sealing people who capture during and after war as a slave.
When this group arrived in to the region they create a real Hell for people. According to some reports which has been publicised by Iraqi human right, the Iraqi parliamentary (Vyan Daxel), the wetness of what happened and reports which published by medias shows that:
In general 3000 people killed together, 7000 Yzidi’s have been taken hostage, 700 of them were women who been sold in Musal for $ 150 as slave who can be used for sexual pleasure. Most of the hostages were women, 500 old and young Yazidy men been cut off their heads.
The first day 200 young Yazidy’s have been kidnaps and sexually assaulted, almost 300 000 Yazidy’s displace.
More than 150 000 fled to the Sanjar Mountain this Mountain is in the west of Sanjar, According to some reports hundreds of people die as a result starvation without food and water.
From 15th of August ISIS fighters controlled the village of ” kocho” in the north east of Sanjar, accordingly, proximately 150 Yazidy family were live there. ISIS asked
NU: 0014/1 Date: 15 Aguste 2014
them to convert to Islam, after they disagreed with ISIS, they killed 80 men and kidnapped their children and women to Talafar
There are many evidence which shows that in history 73 time Yazidy’s people frightened under man slaughtering, the only reason is because they are exercising their religion. In history thousands of them were killed the only sin they have is because they have different faith. Now, according to the international human right law, the world must stand up talking about the genocide against Yazidy’s, world must know that the precept of human right has been dismiss by ISIS, The united Nation should deal with Yazidy’s case in the international rate. The organization of women Azar Mehr Kurdistan ask all Kurdish political parties in this delicate circumstances they should make one national and union forces, in order to face the terrors and danger for the benefit of Kurdistan’s future. Finally, we ask KRG government, international force, international organizations, international human right and united nation…etc. In the modern world in (2014) we ask you stop the terrorists groups to harm Kurdistan and work hard for finding those women who sold and returning them back to their loves and families. We must not allowed any more genocide to Kurdish people and those who live in Kurdistan having different religious background. We urge you visiting the families who is victim in this unwanted war against them, those who’s member of family been murdered or been wounded, particularly those who’s member’s are kidnapped, we should try to help them and sympathy with them. We wish to secure the life of civilian people and those who practice different religion or believing in different faith, under attack of those radical groups. 15/08/2014 Organization of women Azar Mehr Kurdistan
1. Alan Osman- Kurdistan
NU: 0014/1 Date: 15 Aguste 2014
2. Aram Osman Koye- Sweden
3. Arez Nadaryary- Journalist
4. Azad babos – kurdistan-Sulaymaniyah
5. Azad Mohammedy- Kurdistan
6. Azad Muhamad- Journalist-Hawler
7. Bahzad Pyrmusa- K.N.K
8. Bayan Nesedy- Sweden
9. Butayn Kurdistan- Sanjr Mountain
10. Chak in Sweden
11. Chiman Mohammed pur- Kurdistan
12. Committee of Patrick free life of Kurdistan U.K
13. Astern Women Platform
14. Enkabal Murady-Political Actives
15. Fardin Fdry-Sweden
16. Farhang Mohemmed Ismail -German
17. Federation Political Prisoner
18. Gulala Saed-Jouralist
19. Gulala Sharfkandi-Sweden
20. Hana Shwan –Journalist-
21. Hiwa Mewlnya- Journalist
22. Humanity Protection Organization
23. Ibrahim Faraj
24. Jamal Mohammed Pur -Holland
25. Jamal Nejary- Journalist
26. Jany Dilan- Journalist
27. Jehangir Abdulla-German
28. Kabat Mefakry -Kurdistan-sna
29. Kadr Nadr-Sweden
30. Kalil Kawaryan -Kurdisan-Mariwan
31. kamal pushty ban
32. Karam Runak
33. Kazhal Ali -Poetess and Writer
34. Kianush Dosy Pur-German
35. Kurdish Human Right Group -Europe
NU: 0014/1 Date: 15 Aguste 2014
36. Kurdish Mother Organisation -Sweden
37. Mahin Shukrula Pur-France
38. Mariwan Raeuf Bag- lawyer- Kurdistan
39. Maseud Mynuiy
40. Maseud-Kurdistan- Sulaymaniyah
41. Meshud fathy-German
42. Muhamad Bazrgany
43. Najiba Mahmud -Sweden
44. Namjad Husain Panahy- Actives German
45. Nazira Karimy- Holland
46. Osman Mohammed -Student
47. Paxshan Azizy- Actives
48. Pzhman Ibrahimy –East of Kurdistan-Sna
49. Rahmet Malapur
50. Raza Menurjehry -Journalist
51. Runak Farahmand -Sweden
52. Runak Katuny- Actives
53. Runak Shwany-Sweden
54. Sahidya Wakily-Kurdistan
55. Sherzad Nanakaly- Singer
56. Shujah Ibrahim-Actives
57. Suraya Falah- U.S.A
58. Tara Qadir
59. Truska Pshtiw Sadqiany
60. Truska Sadky-Actives
61. women Assemble in Mariwan
62. Yarsan Democratic Organisation
63. Yasin Hussainy- Writer-East of Kurdistan
64. Zahira Ahmady Pur
65. Zhyan Muhamad- Lawyer -Holland
NU: 0014/1 Date: 15 Aguste 2014
Dear: Michelle Obama.
Dear:Oprah Winfrey.
Dear:Ellen Degeneras.
Dear: Amnesty International (London,Holland,German)
Dear:Kurdistan Region President
Dear:Malala Yousafzai
Dear: International labour organisation
Dear: feminist organizations in Europe
Dear: International Civil Defence Organation
Dear: leader of the opposition
Dear: sulaymaniyah university chancellorship
Dear: Tactical of instite of derbanikan
Dear: Andrew Griffiths MP