New Evidence for Turkey-ISIS collaboration: Since the 24th of July, daily a bombing campaign has been launched by the Turkish military over Kurdish guerrilla forces and civilians in Iraqi Kurdistan. Close to 60 (F-16 and F-4) jets carry out bombing campaigns daily, targeting several locations.
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This military strategy has led to extensive environmental damage to the surrounding areas, injury of civilians and hundreds of villages evacuated. Moreover, large areas of farming land as well livestock have been bombed as a result of the indiscriminate bombings. There is no effort by the Turkish military to reduce the collective human and environmental damage that the indiscriminate bombing is causing.
The Turkish president Erdoğan, and prime minister Davutoğlu, have stated explicitly that they intend on continuing the bombing campaign against the Kurds indefinitely. There appears to be complete disinterest on the part of Turkey to continue the bombing campaign on ISIS. This demonstrates that the single attack on ISIS was merely a cover to target the real objective of this war: the Kurds.
Likewise, for the past four days, Turkey has prevented the crossing of the bodies of 13 martyred YPG fighters killed in the war against ISIS. They have also attacked and terrorised the gathered mourners and families of the martyrs through gassing, water cannons and other disproportionately violent methods. Further evidence of Turkey’s moral support for ISIS is the refusal to allow the passing of the bodies of the YPG fighters killed in fighting ISIS in Rojava.
How long will the International coalition allow Turkey’s deception to continue?
Turkey is manipulating the international public opinion and the coalition against ISIS to wage a clear and deliberate war against the Kurds. Since the Turkish state “decided” to stand with the international coalition against ISIS, it has waged only one bombing campaign against ISIS, and only weapons warehouses were targeted. Instead the bombing campaign against the Kurds have continued non-stop since the 24th, and not only targeted the guerrilla forces, but also civilian areas.
The international community is yet to witness a second attack by the Turkish military on ISIS posts, ISIS warehouses, and ISIS strongholds. In contrast, daily attacks against Kurdish forces political activists, democratic forces, human rights groups, as well the as targeting of members of the democratically elected HDP party is ongoing. This targeting of the Kurds by Turkey is continuing both in and outside Turkey. Over the past 12 hours the Turkish government has arrested over 351 Kurdish activists and bombed Iraqi Kurdistan twice. Predictably, no bombing of ISIS has occurred.
How long will the UN, EU, and the USA continue not to act against Turkey and its war against the Kurds, which is only serving to strengthen ISIS and its terrorist objectives in the region?
To stay silent or inactive against Turkey’s deliberate policy of targeting the Kurds will prepare the base for a new genocide and give ISIS the morale to target the international community. It is important that the international community understands that the Turkey’s policy of bombing the Kurds is not going to resolve the ongoing the Kurdish issue peacefully.
If there was doubt over Turkey’s support for ISIS, the current disproportionate attacks against the Kurds is ample evidence. By weakening the Kurds, Turkey empowers ISIS, logistically, economically and militarily.
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