kobani-bixerhatinTo the international human rights organizations and public opinion
Kobanî province of Rojava is facing brutal attacks launched by the ISIS terrorist organization for nearly a
week, ISIS used all kinds of heavy weapons in this attack, which had been taken over from Iraq including USmade
thermal missiles. As well as another type of weapons that appeared as a kind of chemical weapons as a
result of the impact and the symptoms on the bodies of the YPG (Peoples Protection Units in West Kurdistan)
injured and martyrs.
After testing and analysis, which were conducted by competent medical authorities in the province, It is proved
that these weapons contain germ Materials , especially after watching the effects of burns and white spots on
the bodies.
Medical authorities confirmed their inability to conduct further analysis of these materials in light of limited
resources and the lack of technologies required under the suffocating siege imposed on the province
accompanying with these attacks.
We (YPG) call on the international community, in particular international human rights organizations and relief
organizations to intervene immediately and carry out their duty toward Kobanî to prevent a humanitarian crisis;
we also call on all regional media and the world to go to Kobanî to shed more light on the difficult humanitarian
situation in Kobanî.
YPG Spokesman
Rêdûr Xelîl, West Kurdistan – Syria
PS: Some biopsies are already delivered to different chemical laboratories for examination to clarify the type of
the chemical weapon. We will inform you about the new results.