Today is the 7th day of continuous curfew in Cizre District of Şırnak Province which has 133.000 population. This curfew declaration of Şırnak Governor, causes the citizens to live deprived of their basic needs for 7 days.According to the information gathered from Cizre, in most parts of the city, water and power cut still goes on. Bakeries and supermarkets are closed. People try to meet their water need from the inadequate wells.

The curfew declaration prevents the municipal workers from being able to do their jobs and the photographs from the city shows that streets are full of trash piles.

Ambulance service is not working in the city so that the people who are injured by gunshots, emergency patients and other patients that should be followed up, cannot find the opportunity for their treatment. Local authorities declared that there are 73 patients who could not go to the dialysis centers because of curfew.

It is also indicated that people can not bury the dead so that they are obliged to keep them in refrigerators at home or at their offices and in some parts of the district because of the ongoing power shortages people use ice filled plastic bottles to keep the bodies cold.

The councils composed of human rights defenders, deputies and ministries were not allowed to enter city center. The humanitarian relief had become mandatory in Cizre where public have unhealthy living conditions and face serious problems in accessing basic health services and basic needs

The curfew is continuing for a long time and the authorities did not explain that it would end in the near future, in this context it is very clear that the isolation will continue in the upcoming days.

The bans and policy of curfew has started with the claim of security needs of citizens and now became punishment practices by which the citizens could not cover their basic needs. We call Turkish authorities for an urgent action tofinalize the isolation conditions immediately. The daily routine of the more than 133.000 people live must be returned to normal to access health services and cover basic needs, the barriers against the municipality services must be eliminated as son as possible.

We also call national and international institutions to take action until the bans, that Turkish authorities implement, are lifted and humanitarian aid is delivered to Cizre.

Published by IHD Human Rights Organisation on Septembre 11th of 2015.