Ezidi Kurds are once again under renewed and persistent genocidal attack.

ISIS terrorists have intensified attacks, which started a week ago to complete the ethnic cleansing of the Shengal Mountains in Iraqi-Kurdistan.

The new attack aims to displace the Ezidi-Kurds from their homeland during winter times to maximize the atrocities and suffering. The only forces in Shengal which are protecting the local people, are the HPG (Peoples Defence Foprces) and YBS, which is the people’s protection unit for the Ezidi.

Sinjar (Shengal), a town considered sacred by Ezidi Kurds, has been occupied by ISIS gangs since the night of August 2nd.

When the gangs entered the town of Sinjar and hung up their black flags, the people fled in fear of a massacre. The occupation of the town has displaced about 200,000 Ezidi Kurds so far.

There are still more than 12, 000 civilians in the Sinjar Mountains and they are currently facing a massacre. A humanitarian tragedy will be certain to follow unless they have access to water and food.

Amongst the civilians are thousands of children. The international community, particularly the UN and EU should not leave the civilians to their fate. A humanitarian tragedy must be prevented immediately, as there is a high risk of mass deaths by hunger and thirst.

ISIS is continuing its crimes against humanity following its brutal attacks against the people in Rojava-Kurdistan and the Christians in Mosul. ISIS has openly proclaimed that they are intending to transform the entire demography of the region. With their ruthless methods, they have thrown the whole region into an uncertain and dangerous future.

The threat of a new massacre against the Ezidi Kurdish people of Sinjar is becoming a real possibility and the danger is increasing by the hour.

Supporting the Kurdish resistance against ISIS would prevent yet another genocide of the Ezidi people.

KNK- Kurdistan National Kongress