Kaart KobanîThere are dramatic changes and challenges in Western Kurdistan: also called Rojava (North Syria), after heavy attacks by IS terror organisation which has surrounded the Kurdish city Kobane since 15 September. These attacks are against the Kurdish Democratic Autonomous Administration, which was declared against Syrian Regime two years ago.

Now the Democratic Model in Rojava is under heavy attacks by the jihadist group IS, who have been financed mainly by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, providing them with logistics, weapons, ammunition and  thousands of members. Their main aim is to attack Kurdish people and Kurdish land, starting with Kobane, which has now reached to a critical point!

Kurdish People Protection Units, YPG and YPJ, are fighting a heroic and historic battle against IS gangs, the enemy of humanity. Western countries, who also sees IS as an enemy of humanity and who has set up an anti IS- coalition are yet failing to help Kurds fighting against IS. Since the evening of 1 October 2014, IS have launched intense attacks, aiming to take over the the city centre of Kobane, they attack with tanks and heavy artillery from west, south and east fronts, while Turkey watches silently from North front. the jihadist group now have advanced their way into Kobane city centre. The attacks, are now at most dangerous stage as they are in street battle!

Chairman of Kobane Canton, Mr. Enver Muslim calls the international Powers to break their silence! He said; ” If IS enters Kobane and commits a massacre of thousands of people all international powers will be held responsible.”

Tens of thousands of Kurdish-European citizens are now on the  street of Europe in an attempt to wake up the Western states and to raise the scale and urgency of the situation in Kobani.
We are asking EU to support Kurdish people resistance against brutal IS attacks and to act urgently to prevent a fast approaching genocide of Kurdish people in Kobane! For that reason, we have started a hunger strike in front of the European Parliament.

Supporting the YPG and YPJ, resistance against IS massacres in Kobane, would only mean supporting the humanity and peace!
We urgently call to the international public to show their support to the Kurdish people, by calling their governments and institutions, to act now and support Kurdish people in this urgent situation of a possible massacre!

Kurdistan National Congress, KNK