Although since its foundation Islamic regime has been in direct and indirect psychological war with USA, however, clerics were able to benefit from USA led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clerics in Tehran used their enemies hand to kill the snakes in both countries.  Despite that USA considers Islamic regime as real threat to the international peace and security, US government is lacking proper and adequate policies toward that threat. I believe at the present USA government whether led by Democrats or Republicans do not want a political change in Iran because growth of weaponry market utterly depends on the existence of a threat.
Existence of Islamic regime increases weapons customers. American weaponry markets gain more interest. How, some people might think it is irrational to make such statements. Might be or might not, depends on the facts on the ground. Few weeks ago Islamic officials in Tehran stated that if EU and USA boycott Iranian oil or sanction Iranian central bank, they will close down strait of Hurmoz where around 30 percent of global energy flows. Such statements encouraged Arab Gulf countries to sign few contracts with USA companies and purchase more weapons.

Moreover, as a result of the same statements USA, Britain and France sent more warships to the region with the aim, as they said, to protect free movements of the ships in high seas. Lets be rational; if Islamic regime would not had made such baseless statements would Arab countries had signed contracts worth billions of dollars, of course, one could assume affirmatively or negatively.  Secondly presence of Islamic regime would justify international community’s economic sanctions on Iran, ultimately, Islamic regime had to sale Iranian oil illegally to the same companies had dealt with previously with lower price, may be fifty percent lower than the oil market. Presence of Islamic regime, in both cases, serves USA policies.

Reasons why I am making such statements: First, in 2009 after the disputed election, people came to the street with the purpose to overthrow Islamic regime, however, on the day when Mr Obama stated that his administration is not intervening in Iranian internal affairs, Islamic officials intensified their brutal suppression and crack down of the protestors, which as a result hundreds of people will murdered in the streets by revolutionary guards and paramilitary forces (Basiji), arbitrary detention of the politician and activists and extrajudicial killings perpetuated by the regime forces. Secondly, USA Treasury department designated the most active Iranian Kurdish opposition Party (PJAK) as terrorist organization illegally, whereas USA provided logistic supports and Air covering to the Al-Qaeda, the well known global terrorist organization in Libya led by former Guantanamo detainee Mr (Belhaj) who is now taking legal proceeding against UK officials. (

To whom USA policies are detrimental: no doubt two groups will suffer, first, Iranian nations, and secondly Israel. Some people consider USA and Israel two faces of the same coin, in reality that is not the case. Both countries are strong ally; they have common interest, however, there is also competition between them. We should always remember that Free Market politics has no regular friends, no regular enemies but regular interest. Remember few years ago Mr Belhaj was a terrorist whom was accused of being involved in organized crimes committed by Al-Qaeda cells all over the world, today he is commanding Libyan Armed Forces with the support of USA.

EU and USA do not want regime change in Iran, however, what they are really aiming to achieve through the economic sanctions and psychological war is to pressurise Islamic regime to give up some of its regional ambitions. Therefore, Israel and Iranian nations have to develop their own policies toward regime. I believe it is legitimate for Israel to support Iranian opposition, or at least provides them logistic and political support as USA did in Libya, Turkey in Syria, in order to fight regime. Having reviewed Iranian ancient and contemporary political history all regime changes occurred in Iran with the foreign power interference, except 1979 Iranian Nations revolution, which was later hijacked by the Islamists. It is improbable to expect Mr Obama to support Iranian opposition to setup transition council as he did in Libya through Security Council and NATO.

Before the collapse of Syrian regime, which I believe the Salafi radicals, will take over once Baath regime collapsed, Israel has to develop a proper policy with the Iranian oppositions toward Islamic regime. Fearing a Shia triangle does not justify or means establishment of Sunni Salafi circle because both are two faces of one coin.