On Thursday, the Belgium police attacked ROJ TV office and held the office. They broke and took several materials and equipments of TV’s broadcasting.
In response, we as Kurdish journalists and writers in Iraqi Kurdistan condemn this ugly act by the Belgium police. We ask them to free the detainees and let the TV to start its own free broadcasting. We also ask the Belgium to apologize Kurds because of their undemocratic act against the only Kurdish TV for Kurds in Turkey. We surprised by this act because we realize Europe as the source of democracy and the land of freedom of speech for the others.
It is difficult to believe that in Europe such undemocratic act has been happened. The democracy and freedom of speech is in questioning as Belgium has done this inhuman act under the influential of Turkey. 
Again we condemn closing ROJ TV and arresting the journalists and politicians. We are denouncing Belgian Government’s attack on Kurdish Tv Chanel, Roj TV and demanding the release of Zubeyir Aydar, Remzi Kartal and all other detainees and asking to allow ROJ TV to broadcast.
Kurdish Journalists and Writers in Iraqi Kurdistan

Famous and well-known Kurdish Journalists:
1- Kamal Rauf, Editor in chief of Hawllati Newspaper.
2- Shwan Muhammad, Editor in chief of Awene Newspaper.
3- Ahmed Mira, Editor in Chief of Livin Magazine.
4- Muhamad Amin Penjweini, politician.
5- Stivan Shamzinani, Editor in chief of Newand Magazine.
6- Bilal Muhammad.
7- Namo Abdulla.
8- Kamal Chomani.
9- Halgurd Samad.
10- Ibrahim Ali.
11- Fayroz Mayhami.
12- Yasin Taha.
13- Sardar Muahamad.
14- Fryad Muhamad.
15- Karwan Salar.
16- Shawqi Kanabi.
17- Awara Hamid.
18- Salman Kochari.
19- Salam Ballayi.
20- Isa Botani.
21- Ahmed Safa.
22- Rasul Sulltani.
23- Salam Karim.
24- Ali Karim.
25- Sabat Hamid, Artist.
26- Ali Fatah.
27- Xellan Bakhtyar.
28- Sharmin Karim.
29- Dyari Muhammad.
30- Aram Fariq.
31- Sherwan Muhamad Amin.
32- Hoshang Saruchawayi.
33- Aram Fariq.
34- Hemn Mamand.
35- Hawar Ahmed.
36- Hemn Mala Zada.
37- Bahroz Hussien.
38- Sirwan Gharib.
39- Isa Khidir.