Astonishing news appeared on the web platform of “Middle East Diplomatic” (MED).

It reads how a former head of Turkish intelligence and of the military’s general staff openly declares to a TV channel (CNN-Turk) that the Turkish state must do everything it can to assassinate Kurdish politicians in Europe. “We should assassinate Kurds in Europe,” this man says bluntly to the Turkish TV. The recordings of the interview are available via a link on Youtube, which is also mentioned in the MED article.

Bottom line, this Turkish ex-general is proclaiming ‘state terrorism’ on the territory of Europe! Will the European Union remain silent? This threat must be taken very seriously. Or has the attack and murder of the three Kurdish politicians been forgotten in Paris in 2013?

In the relevant Middle East Diplomatic article, Medeni Ferho’s name is mentioned. Medeni is a journalist, writer and brother of our president at the Kurdish Institute. He is also targeted and included on the list of the Turkish regime. The full Middle East Diplomatic article (dated February 20, 2021) can be read via this link