According to well documented resources, such as speeches and statements through the course of history so far, the Kurds have not shown to be lustful towards violence or the use of weapons. This fact is quite often misconstrued and manipulated especially by the Kurdistan occupier regimes, all the while being masters of brutality themselves. They claim that some Kurdish groups are "terrorists" simply because of the fact that they believe in an armed resistance against the occupier regimes.

The Kurds are categorically opposed to and condemn any type of violence.

Mentioning a few historical occurrences fittingly places the Kurds as revolutionary bodies wishing to bring freedom to their occupied homeland, and democracy to their oppressed and downtrodden people and nation.

Historically, the use of an armed struggle to free a subjugated population is recognized as a legitimate form of resistance. Namely, the American Revolution’s success (1775-1883) was based in an armed struggle with the British Empire who had imposed excessive control over newly established American colonies. Patrick Henry’s famous words "…give me liberty or give me death!" was instrumental in America’s armed strategy during the revolution and paved the way for its independence.
The slogan of “Join, or Die” by Benjamin Franklin was recycled to encourage the former colonies to unite against British rule, 1775. The American Revolution and struggle for independence (free their homeland).

On another note, in the book Partisans: Europeans such as Britain, France and others in the armed resistance to fascism and German occupation (1936–1945), against Adolf Hitler’s fascism as they "planted bombs" and "shouldered guns" to fight against tyranny and occupiers. The official accounts are lacking in these historical occurrences, declaring their own armed struggle to free their homeland. These armed people actively played an invaluable role in the fight against German occupation. The Kurds do not consider any of their actions as terrorism. Would anybody call those who participated by way of an armed struggle in the American Revolution and resistance to Hitler’s fascism "terrorists?" The Kurds are no more "terrorists" than the brave American revolutionaries and courageous Europeans and British armed people. 
Polish resistance defeatist poster, "Deutschland kaput (Germany is finished)” issued in German-occupied Poland, after Nazi Germany was defeated in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943.

With consideration of the grave national and human rights abuses occurring in occupied Kurdish homeland, it is naturally expected for those freedoms loving entities to actively encourage those democratic leaders across the globe to abolish dictatorial and abusive occupier regimes.
The Kurds belief was an armed resistance, simply a desire to free their homeland and basic human values overcome existing oppressive political forces.

It is an interesting comparative to note that during the American Revolution, a flag carried by Bedford Massachusetts minuteman Nathaniel Page at the Battle of Concord depicts a fist with a sword in hand supporting a banner that reads "Vince Aut Morire" in Latin meaning "Victory or Death." Theirs was an imminent victory, and so too shall be for Kurdish nation and their resistance movement.
The Bedford Flag, Americans warriors’ flag, 1775. (A colonial militia flag, American Revolution Wars, 1775).

Republican People’s Party, RPP (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi), 1923.

Turkish War of Independence (along with Kurdish strong participation) on 9 Sept. 1923, RPP announced the establishment of the Turkish Republic (denying Kurdish share in the states’ national sovereignty in practice with harsh brutality, the Kurdish leader (Sheikh Said Piran) executed by the order of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk / father of Turk … The Kurd left orphan and imposed to national elimination and brutal suffering since), 1925.

Turkish gray wolves Ultranationalist.          Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi flag, 1923.
                                                                      Were swords the symbol for genocide
                                                                       and occupation against the Kurds?             

Physical genocide (Dersim, Agri, Halabcha, Sardasht, …) and cultural and lingual genocide of Kurdish nation (especially in Turkey) and also Kurdish tireless struggle against occupiers should come to an end, such as all those Eastern Europe states which freed their homeland from the occupation of Ottoman and Nazi.

The fall of the Berlin wall (communist border) was an event of immense historical importance for world peace and the advance of democracy. It was the start of a new era, giving rise to hopes, around the world for a better life. A page had been turned for a globalized world, but too many walls remain yet. The fake borders (invisible concrete walls) within Kurdish homeland are unjust and unfair walls. There should be a roadmap plan to break through these fake borders (invisible walls of shame and despotism).

Hundreds of thousands of people suffered, killed or exiled for trying to cross or take the fake borders within Kurdish homeland and to put them on its way into history. The world policy makers should work for opening valves, and once it is open, much more would happen for the borders full opening or collapsing, for Kurdish nation reunification and unity.

Mrs Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor celebrates to recall the moment of the fall of Berlin wall, November 9, 1989, and German nation reunification. It is great.

The Kurds alike German people are deserved to celebrate such a moment; the fall of fake borders within Kurdish homeland and reunification of Kurdish nation.

The fall of the unfair borders within Kurdish homeland will be a glorious page in the history of the world, which would bring more peace, advanced democracy and great prosperity to the globalized world.

It is the time for those democratic states to overcome their previous mistakes (helping heartless occupiers directly or indirectly), by establishing a roadmap for the Kurds to join NATO in the near future from one hand and from the other hand also help the Kurds to revive and improve its Kurdish culture and language from kindergartens and primary schools (Kurdish national curriculum in Northern Kurdistan /Turkey) as a compensation to a peaceful Kurdish nation. The membership of Turkey in NATO as an occupier and human rights abusers should be reassessed, because Turkey has taken this (as a save haven) as an excuse to genocide its internal nations, which is a shame for NATO democratic members and leaders.

Turkish government has implemented a systematic and organized policy of integration of the Kurds, assimilation of Kurdish language, culture, heritage and identity which is a widespread, entrenched and institutionalized discrimination. NATO members and international community should call on Turkish government to respond with policies that to address effectively the above mentioned, and compensate the Kurds. Improving and reviving of Kurdish language should be the very first priority.

Turkish language is hugely dominated upon Kurdish and all other minorities’ languages as the central government has got an organized and systematic policy by spending large amount on it. It is needless to say that Turkish ultra centralised government uses the Kurdish revenues and their natural resources income against them. All these revenues and incomes should be used in establishing Kurdish primary schools and rebuilding Kurdish culture. All cultural and civil activities across the state and in the Kurdish region must be in Turkish; this discrimination is marginalising minorities’ talents and squandering minorities’ cultures, languages, identities and traditions.

A multinational Turkey should draw a roadmap to decentralize the power to all the regions of its nationalities dwellers, especially the Kurdish region (19 Provinces: Adiyeman, Batman, Bidlîs, Bîngol, Diyarbekir, Entab, Erzîrom, Ezirgan, Hekarî, Kilîs, Meledî, Meres, Mêrdîn, Riha, Sêwas, Wan, Xarpêt, Îdir, Sirnex), as a complete change from rigid centralized management. A multinational Turkey will only achieve socio-economic development and democracy trough decentralization and self-determination of the Kurds. Kurdish national Parliament should be established in Diyarbakir, Bakûr regional Capital, in decentralised federal Turkey.

Incirlik Air Base (Sûna bi henjîr ya firokan) is an air base in NATO’s Southern Region, is located inside Kurdish homeland, 35 mile from the Mediterranean Sea. The goal of NATO for the future should be drawn into the Middle East "to keep the Turkey down and the Kurds in”.

The Kurds are fighting for the freedom of their homeland and by that to get Kurdish national sovereignty in peace. When speaking of democratic change, it may be as ridiculous as if we were talking of democratic change when Nazis had occupied France and other European countries!

The question is; How to liberate Kurdish homeland from the occupational forces?

The foreign governments who do not wish to see a free & liberated Kurdistan in order to pillaging their natural sources are supporting the occupiers.

To liberate the Kurdish homeland, as the French did during WWII, needs active resistance and encountering brute force by equal force in suitable ways. The occupiers’ rules were not and are not and will never be a Kurdish ruling and they must be let out of the Kurdish homeland in a suitable way. French did not liberate their motherland by peaceful demonstrations, non-violence, or civil disobedience; the French Resistance used every possible means to defeat the Nazis and the World had no choice but to come to their support.

As long as the Kurdish people remain timid in the face of enemy, the enemy will remain in power and World will be delighted to deal with them. The time is for democratic change; the time is to fight for liberation of Kurdish homeland, Kurdistan.
Atatürk, 1881- 1938           Adolf Hitler, 1889 – 1945           Reza Shah, 1878 – 1941
One nation one state          One nation one World for           One nation one state
for Multinational Turkey   a Multinational World          for a Multinational Iran
 by Military force.              by Military force.                         by Military force.

All democratic leaders in the Wolrd should help the Kurds and let them to join international community, the Kurdish flag to be flown in front of UN in NY, with Kurdish diplomatic official hand shakes in the EU, USA and …

United States of Kurdistan (Bakûr + Bashûr + Rojhelat + Rojava).