The revolutionary court condemned Hossein Yasamini (father of Fasih Yasamini) to 2 years prison term and Fahim Rezazadeh to 15 years in jail. They were accused of having contact with Kurdish opposition groups and endangering the national security of the refgime.
In a separate act, the security forces opened fire on a group of people in the Oshnavieh region.  As the result of the rampage shootings, at least 5 people were killed and 3 were injured, also among the dead a 16 years boy.
In Saghez the security forces started to break into peoples’ residences without warrants.   According to reliable sources, the security forces have also started to control and check the mobile device of people in check points.  Also during the last week thousands of satellite dishes in Kurdish cities were confiscated and destroyed by security forces.
Since January 2008 at least 250 Kurdish NGO and political activist have been detained by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Over 58 people have been killed by security forces of Iran and at least 36 have been injured.   During the last ten months at least 16 people have been killed or injured by land mine, that are being planted by the security forces of the regime.
Kurdistamedia  News Agency (KNA)