Yayla Akat

In the city of Batman in North Kurdistan rehabilitation centres for 3,000 Yezidi Kurds fleeing ISIS attacks in Sinjar are being set up.

HDP Batman MP Ayla Akat Ata said they would not allow the Yezidi Kurds to be cut off from productive life and left to suffer their trauma in refugee camps.

Akat Ata said 3,000 Yezidi Kurds had come to Batman, adding: “they have come to Batman via Şırnak. Although most of them have passports, due to the authorities lack of a policy and the closure of border crossings they came through Roboski and have dispersed to various provinces of North Kurdistan. The fact they have arrived in an area where there were massacres 40 years ago has left the people from Sinjar tense. Initially we wanted to accommodate them in houses, 3 to 5 in each house, but they have great anxiety. Therefore, we have found them places in municipal cultural and sports facilities.”

We are considering winter conditions

“We have to establish a permanent place for the Yezidi Kurds in Batman, as it will soon be winter”, said the MP, adding that they would construct a communal life for the refugees together with local government and civil society organisations.

She continued: “We are establishing a camp in the nearest village to Batman, but we have to consider winter conditions. We need to create spaces where these people can continue their lives and raise their hopes. We must create a new life with Yezidi citizens in Yezidi villages emptied 40 years ago.”

The people of Batman have mobilised

Akat Ata said the people of Batman have continued their material and moral support with a national spirit on account of the sinjar massacre, adding: “The people of Batman are fully mobilised. They are sharing their food, their bedding and their houses with the victims of war. In the villages where we have accommodated Yezidi Kurds we need the support of all the people for reconstruction. The land that is not being used will be brought back into productive use. This is the land of Kurdistan, our joint homeland. Therefore, we will not allow these people to see themselves as guests. There is a great resistance going on for the freedom of Sinjar. Until they have the opportunity to return to their own town and freely worship they will stay here.”.

With Sinjar our national consciousness has been renewed

Akat Ata added: “The people of Sinjar do not lack solidarity or organisation. We will create possibilities for them to maintain their lives. Society must mobilise to consolidate fraternity. Work is going on for security, health and rehabilitation in addition to democratic communal life. In fact, people have become aware once again of the reality that we are a nation.”

Source: Firat News Agency
1 September 2014