Viyan DexîlYezidi Kurdish MP in the Baghdad Parliament, Fayyan Dahel, said yesterday that ISIS gangs in Sinjar have slaughtered Yezidis, calling on the parliament to take action.

The Iraqi Parliament, which assembled in order to elect a new Prime Minister, witnessed the anguish of Kurdish Yezidi deputy Fayyan Dahel. Dahel raised the issue of the massacres in Sijar and was supported by all Kurdish MPs, while the whole parliament stood and listened.

‘They are abducting our women to sell in the market’

Fayyan Dahel addressed the Speaker, saying: “we are being slaughtered in the Sinjar region. They are killing us crying ‘la ilahe illallah’. 500 young men have been murdered. They are abducting our women to sell in the marketplace. They rape them and see them as spoils of war.”

‘Help our people’

Fayyan Dahel continued in tears, saying: “My dear brothers, my people are being slaughtered, just as in other parts of Iraq the Shia, Sunni, Christians, Turkmen and Shabak have been slaughtered. I ask you all: please put to one side your political differences and help my people.”

‘70 children and 50 old people have died of hunger on mount Sinjar’

Fayyan Dahel said: “ISIS has killed 500 Yazidis and abducted 500 women as slave concubines in Sinjar.” She said the enslaved women had been taken to some areas near the city of Tal Afar, which is also under ISIS control.

“In the last 48 hours 32,000 families have fled. They are in the mountains of Sinjar, surrounded and without food or water. 70 children and 50 old people have died of hunger.” She added that 500 women were being held in a sports hall.

‘Take action to prevent a catastrophe’

Deputy Fayyan Dahel called on the Iraqi parliament to take action and intervene to prevent a disaster occurring. As she finished her speech she broke down and was helped by other Kurdish women deputies.

Following Fayyan Dahel’s speech other deputies condemned the massacres perpetrated by ISIS and debate on the election of a new Prime Minister was adjourned.
ANF – BAGHDAD 06.08.2014