Loqman Baris

In 1975 born in Northern Kurdistan, the town of Urfa. After high school he began studying philosophy at Hannover University. Has worked as a television journalist in the television, Roj TV, Me TV… He is chief editor of the site Dergush Com. He sits on the Board of  The Union for Yezidis associations formed in 2004 in Germany, and has many member associations behind. They are working to preserve ancient Yezidi Kurds religion, culture and tradition.
How do you think about Yezidis security and human rights?
There are about one million Yezidis in the world. Many live in Kurdistan, others in Russia, Kuakas and Siberia. More than 100 000 Yezidis living in Europe, mostly in Germany.
Yezidis as well as Kurds live in different parts of Kurdistan. Their needs and the situation is very different from each other. In the southern part of Kurdistan (Iraq) is lacking religious freedom and live under threats against life and existence. North of Kurdistan (Turkey) during the 80 – century lived during the local clan heads of the press. Since they lacked even religion. Over the past ten years, the Kurds’ struggle for their national rights made progress. This development has created respect for Yezidis rights. Biggest problem for Yezidis in Europe is to become assimilated.

For about a year ago I was in southern Kurdistan in order to make a film documentary. During the time I was there I saw how Yezidis violated. When Yezidis largest area Shengal was attacked by terrorists and many people were killed, I was there!
The Kurdish Muslim view against Yezidis in southern Kurdistan is not positive. According to Kurdish Yezidis Muslims are not believers and have no religion. Because of all oppression is Yezidis only like to move away. Shengal lacks security and may at any time be attacked by extremists. The area is forgotten by both the Iraqi government and Kurdish government! There are living with fear, hunger, unemployment, etc.. UN aid is not reaching them. The area is under Iraqi government but controlled by Kurds political parties.

In order to assure Yezidis security and human rights must Kurdish parties and the KRG to change their views and behaviours towards them. KRG must have a program to improve their situation, both economically, culturally and their education. We must combat prejudices that exist among the Kurds. This is the first step towards an improvement, then you can work with their security and human rights even more (interview: Gabar Çiyan – EuroKurd Human Rights).