Mecîd HESO

Born in 1967 in Southern Kurdistan. In 1986, read high school in Duhok. Studied economics at Baghdad University (1990). Did master’s degree in economics at the Free University of Dan Hague, Holland (2007).
He was editor of the magazine Pela Serbest (freedom game) in DUHOK, the magazine Lalish in DUHOK, the newspaper Kurdistan in Germany, and is the owner of the magazine Today’s Kurdistan (Kurdistan IRO) of Germany. He is a columnist for
Heso is a member of the Kurdistan Institute for Science and Research in Germany, Kurdish PEN Center, a director of Mala Ezidiyan Berlin, head of Center of Halabja-Chaka in the area of Berlin …

How many Yezidis are there in the world?
The number Yezidis is unfortunately not known because there is no clear statistics. The number of terms they Yezidis in the current Kurdistan (parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria). Today living around 650.000-700.000 Yezidis in Kurdistan. The number Yezidis throughout the world is about. 1 million people. In addition to Kurdistan, there are a large number of Yezidis in a part of Russia, Georgia, and Armenia.

How can one describe Yezidis ethnicity, and faith?
Faith on Yezidism spread among Kurds in 1400 years before Islam.
Yezidis language is Kurdish. Preserving Yezidis Kurds ancient language, tradition, religion and well and living. Yezidis hold their prayers in Kurdish.

The word "Yezidi" means: "Yez + da" ie "Almighty God". Or equivalent synonymies "Xwedê" or "Xweda." The word consists of two syllables. "Xwe" means self, and "de-da" means created themselves. That means, no BUSHEL god, god BUSHEL himself. This means that it gave more say gods throne, and created a god believer from Yezidis vision.
Religion has great relationship with nature. Besides God and the angels is fire, water, earth and wind importance for Yezidis.

How do Yezidis situation in Iraq? How can we strengthen their security?
Since the overthrow of the Iraqi regime is the crisis in the country. Despite the U.S. military presence in Iraq, the country is not stable. Since 1991 belongs to a part of Yezidis territory to the KRG and the central government in Baghdad. Yezidis need more help. Disputes between the two governments affect Yezidis. In recent years, the number of terrorist attacks against minorities has increased.
According to human rights organizations in Iraq emigrated in 8395 people in one year.
February 15, 2007 led a family to the outbreak of conflict and violence in the Kurdish town of Sheikhan. During the unrest was attacked by Kurdish Muslims Yezidis in a brutal way.
14 Aug 2007 several trucks loaded with explosives. They exploded in the province Shingal. The villages Geir Ezer and Shêkhidir in Shingal became their target. More than 500 people were killed within an hour.

During the past year, the situation of Yezidis in Iraq has become very critical. They need urgent help from the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG, the EU and USA.

"Either all Kurds Yezidis or so, there is no nation that name of Kurd," said the KRG’s President Mesud Barzani in his speech.
It is expected that President Barzani after his speech. Yezidis need KRGs support. The government must have a plan to strengthen Yezidis human rights, economics and security.

Kurdish government must improve the situation and intervene. In my opinion, should a conference be organized as quickly as possible in Arbil. We must discuss the matter, and improve their situation (interview: Gabar Çiyan – EuroKurd Human Rights).