According to a report published in ‘Awene’ Newspaper (where Kawa worked as a correspondent), four out of five of the gang have been arrested, all of whom are close to a high-ranking PUK official. At least two of them are serving members of the security forces. Although names and photographs of the alleged killers are already circulating on Facebook, the Kurdistan Tribune has obligations not disclose them to its readers at this stage. On Thursday evening (5 December 2013) just after 21:00 hours, a group of armed men visited Kawa’s mother’s house, where Kawa was at the time. They gunned him down in front of his mother with seven bullets, one of which struck his head. It’s now understood that the five killers used two cars; three of them travelled in a black TAHO (a US-make 4×4), and the other two were in a white Land Cruiser (Japanese-make 4×4).

According to the report, the ring-leader is a sergeant in the security forces who, along with four others, was in 2008 accused of kidnapping the son of Kalar-based multi-millionaire, Khalid Ahmed Fatim. The five were arrested and charged with terrorism offences, but the sergeant escaped and, later on, PUK military leader Mahmoud Sangawi reportedly made a deal with the Fatim family. The details of this deal was published by Kawa Germyani in ‘Garan’ magazine, which infuriated Mahmoud Sangawi, who made a phone call to Kawa to verbally abuse and threaten him. This phone conversation was recorded by Kawa and published on the internet at the time. According to a report of the preliminary investigations, the four men in custody are also accused of several other criminal offences, and the security forces are still chasing the fifth man.

‘Awene’ quotes a source inside the security forces: “We aim to get their full confession on scores of other criminal offences which we think they have played a part in, including kidnapping children and even their involvement in oil business with several politicians.”

Published by Hawarnews on friday 13th December 2013