YPG said the first phase of the operation has succeeded, adding that it was aimed at clearing the area between Serêkaniyê and Til Temir of gang groups.


YPG remarked that 19 villages and many hamlets have been rescued in the operation so far, including the villages of Micêbra, Hilêwa Sîsan, Tilcamûs, Qatof Simalî, Qatof Wistanî, Qatof Cinûbî, Çikêma, Til Diayb, Esediyê, Bîr Nûh, Qisêr, Bîe Elzad, Siyade, Sefih, Misrafa, Helbiyê, Moberd, Edûla and Tilhermel, as well as the Sefrani petrol station and El-Sefih wheat silo.


Many members of the gang groups were killed and wounded in the operation, said YPG and noted that their fighters have also seized many munitions and antiaircraft weapons of the groups.


YPG noted that three Kurdish fighters, Rêzan Serêkaniyê, Jiyanda Kobanê and Xwînda Kobanê, have lost their life in clashes between 1 and 4 November.


People’s Defense Units called on the residents of the rescued villages and hamlets to return home and to display sensitivity for the security and stability of the region.


YPG added that the second phase of the operation will  be launched soon.