YPGOn the 20th day of the Kobanê resistance the YPG has said fierce hand-to hand fighting is continuing on the Mistenur hill. The YPG statement said that 86 ISIS gang members been killed, while 17 YPG/YPJ fighters had also died.

The YPG (People’s Defence Units) Press Centre has issued a statement on the 20th day of the Kobanê resistance.

The YPG stated that ISIS had sent reinforcements from Rakka, Dera Zor, Hol and Iraq, and attacked with tanks and heavy weaponry. The YPG said the resistance was continuing despite the onslaught that is now in its 20th day.

For the last 2 days the gangs have concentrated their attacks on the Mistenur hill to the south east of Kobanê town. The YPG said hand-to-hand fighting was continuing between YPG forces and ISIS gangs, adding that the gangs were placing heavy weapons closed to the town and shelling it.

86 gang members killed in last 24 hours

The statement provided information regarding clashes that have taken place in the last 24 hours. “Two attacks on the eastern front were repulsed, while a munitions dump belonging to the gangs was blown up on the western front. As far as we have been able to establish, 86 gang members have been killed on the three fronts in the last 24 hours.”

17 YPG/YPJ fighters died

“17 of our comrades who have waged a heroic resistance and determination to defend Kobanê fell during this period”, the statement added.
ANF – KOBANÊ 05.10.2014