Til Koçer, on the border with the city of Musul in Iraq, has been rescued following the “Tirbespiyê” and “Til Elo Martyrs” operations YPG launched on 23 October.

Clashes between YPG and the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) militants in the city lasted till early morning on Sunday. YPG fighters cleared the city of the armed groups and also seized their five tanks, different kinds of missiles and weapons.

Following the two revolutionary operations, YPG fighters took the control of seven villages and three hamlets, and also seized the armed groups’ many headquarters in Til Koçer, since 23 October.

Two villages, a headquarters and Til Koçer border gate (Alyarubia) were also taken by YPG fighters in the major offensive they launched on the night of 24 October.

PYD (Democratic Union Party) leader Saleh Muslim who spoke to Stêrk TV on Saturday said that the YPG success in Til Koçer was the “victory of the entire Kurdistan”.

Muslim remarked that the developments in Til Koçer would also lead to changes in the political and economic situation in West Kurdistan, and said this success has created an alternative against the efforts and intentions to hold the entire West Kurdistan territory under embargo.

PYD leader noted that the Til Koçer border gate was a new alternative for trade against embargo.