Miss. Zeyneb Celalyan 27 year old from the city of Maku of Eastern Kurdistan was sentenced to death and has been subjected to unbearable excruciation ever since.

Celalyan was arrested in Kermanshah for her alleged involvement in the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK). She was given death sentence in a show trial which only lasted few minutes without having solicitor.

Miss. Celalyan wrote a letter in December 2009 to the public and international opinions which is as follows:


My name is Zeyneb Celalyan. I am 27 year old and have been held in Kermanshah’s prison as a political prisoner. I was sentenced to death by the Iranian High Revolutionary Court.

Due to the intensive and unbearable torture I have been subjected to, psychologically and physically I am at a critical condition. My illness in serious and I am deprived of the right of having or requesting to have a lawyer.

The whole trial of mine took only few minutes. The judge accused me of being the “enemy of God” and said that I shall be executed soon.

I appealed to the Judge to allow me to speak to my family for the last time. But in response he told me, “shut up”.

Zeyneb Celalyan

Kermanshah Prison