Conferences and Interparliamentary Working Groups

To reach as many policymakers as possible and to influence the decision-making, the Kurdish Institute regularly organizes conferences.

Did you know?

We are active in Flanders with the Interparliamentary Working Group on the Kurds (IPWK) which meets 4 times a year.
During the IPWK, specialized guest speakers provide first-hand information about the current situation in the Kurdish regions to politicians, parliamentary assistants, academics, interested citizens and journalists.

These working groups are open to all political parties, NGOs, socio-cultural organizations and activists.

At European level, together with our partners from the EU Turkey Civic Commission, we highlight burning current issues at conferences in the European Parliament and we call out Europe’s responsibility. In addition, we organize numerous conferences about people and peoples rights.

IPWK Reports

Stop the criminalisation of the Kurdish movement

33 Kurds are currently being prosecuted by the Belgian courts. What heinous crime are they supposed to have committed? They spoke out for the Kurdish cause and promoted Kurdish culture. At the behest of the Turkish state innocent people are criminalised in Belgium for...

Kobani conference in EU Parliament:

Isis criminals and its supporter states have to be sent to the international court for crimes against humanity. Turkey should open its border for humanitarian aid corridor to Kurds. ISIS and its supporters to be sent to court for crimes by Roni Alasor Brussels, 1 July...


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