An exciting journey through the Kurdish regions

Lectures provided by the Kurdish Institute in all regions of Flanders

We take the participants on a journey through the vast Kurdistan.

The Kurdish Institute adapts to the target audience and its specific interests. The focus may be on the historical, geographic and cultural aspects and / or on the ethno-religious diversity of the region. Other audiences are interested in more actual themes: current affairs in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran or Caucasus, the geopolitical impact of superpowers, the Kurdish struggle for gender equality and women’s rights, the current situation with Islamic State, etc. Or simply a combination of all. these themes? The exact theme can therefore be discussed and agreed in advance.

Kurdistan is pre-eminently the area of expertise of the Kurdish Institute. We therefore dispose of an extensive network of guest speakers with an academic, political or journalistic background and extensive knowledge.

If desired, the lecture can be supplemented with film fragments, an information booth, an interview or a debate.

Why not extend the activity to a nice Kurdish or Armenian dinner (see guest table), a musical performance or an exhibition?

It’s all possible. We would be happy to work with you to create a program tailored to your organization.

Online information sessions & Webinars

The above-mentioned lectures can take place “remotely”. The Kurdish Institute disposes of adapted presentation and visual material to set up an “online” information session or webinar.

You can make use of our Zoom license. It allows a maximum of 100 people to participate online.


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