Turkey: Hopes of a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question vanish

In Turkey the hopes of the Kurdish movement of a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question have vanished as a result of the intervention of the army leaders. “General Ilker Basburg emphasised in his statement yesterday the guiding principle of the late dictator...

“Türkler’s Murderer Was Protected by Secret Service”

Appeal against acquittalRasim Öz, lawyer for the Türkler family, immediately filed an appeal against the decision, which was based on "lack of evidence".In a statement outside of court, Öz said: "We have written an appeal demand...

125 Defendants in Three Months: Freedom of Expression Now!

The fact that the judiciary is limiting the freedom of expression with prison sentences and fines means, and also making contradictory sentences that prevent case law from being created damages the democratisation process of the country.The Constitutional Court has...

Daily Günlük’s Publication Banned Again for One Month

Recently, four other periodicals of opposition, Yürüyüs, Atilim, Isçi Köylü and Kizil Bayrak have been subjected to the ban of publication.The Platform for Solidarity with Journalists in Prison (TGDP) has protested against this practice...

Human Rights Foundation Speaks out on Kurdish Question

Istanbul – Bia News Agency18 August 2009, Tuesday The Turkey Human Rights Foundation (TİHV) has suggested "human rights, social justice and democracy for everyone, without discrimination" as the approach that will solve the Kurdish question.At a...