Turkish opposition rejects Kurdish reform talks, Pinar Aydinli

ANKARA, Aug 11 (Reuters) – Turkey’s main opposition parties have rejected a government request for talks on addressing the Kurdish minority’s long-standing grievances, party leaders said on Tuesday, in an apparent blow to the initiative.The...

Armenian-Kurdish Musician Aram Tigran to Be Buried in Diyarbakır

Fırat Anlı, Diyarbakır province chair of the Democratic Society Party (DTP) and member of the funeral organisation committee, told bianet that the funeral mass would take place either today (10 August) or tomorrow, in the Armenian church in Diyarbakır.Tigran will then...

YASA e.V. – Kurdish Centre for Legal Studies & Consultancy

English: http://www.yasa-online.org/yasa-en/reports.html- Violence against women – Reasons, forms and consequences Kurdish women as an example   Dr. Midia Abdul Majid Mahmoud PDF – Report about the stateless and not-registered Kurds in...

Executions continue in Balochistan-Iran, Reza Hossein Borr

This policy is pursued consistently in Baluchistan although it has never stopped opposition and more demand for the legitimate rights for citizens. Equal opportunity and access to the facilities and possibilities that are provided by other governments in different...

The council for the support of the campaigns of Iranian people

More than 40 days have passed since the elections and the Iranian people have demonstrated every single day in Iran and all over the world to show their resolve to the world that they are firm in their demand for re-elections or a referendum.  The Iranian people...