Wars and armed conflicts to which the international community pays full attention are taking place in Ukraine and – since last weekend – in Israel and Gaza (Palestine). The Kurdish Institute will not pass any judgment on the impact of these conflicts, but raises serious questions why Turkey continues to remain under the radar, despite the many military aggressions and attacks on northeastern Syria and northern Iraq in the recent years.

Yet, last week, October 4, Turkey launched another major attack on the Autonomous Region of Northeast Syria (Rojava). And once again there is no mention of the undeniable war crimes that are the results of these attacks.

No media reported that Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had announced that the bombings will target in particular civilian infrastructure. And that was not a lie! Turkish army aircraft and especially very efficient drones are hitting the civilian population by eliminating almost all essential water and energy supplies. It goes without saying that all these attacks result in an increasing number of human casualties.

For a complete overview of the affected infrastructure and civilian targets, please refer to the official report of the Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria (AANES) at the bottom of this message.

According to the Turkish regime, this agression is a response to the attack that occurred on October 1 in Ankara on the Turkish Ministry of the Interior. But let this be clear: Turkey has been trying to wipe the Rojava model of society off the map for many years. A project characterized by equality, freedom of expression and participation of all population groups. Moreover, the AANES has very formally stated that it has no connection whatsoever with the two fighters responsible for the attack in Ankara.

You will find below an open letter from the AANES addressed to the international community.

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