A recent statement of the Kurdistan National Kongress (KNK) concerning the new Turkish Military aggression and occupation attempt against South Kurdistan (N. Iraq):

On 17 April, the Turkish state launched a new military campaign aimed at occupying the areas of Şikefta Birîndara, Kurêjaro (Kurazhar) and Çiyayê Reş in the Zap region of South Kurdistan. In this illegal, cross-border campaign, the Turkish Armed Forces have been using heavy artillery, warplanes, drones and helicopters, and airlifting ground forces by helicopter into the region as part of a parallel ground offensive. From the region of Zap, the Turkish forces aim to extend their occupation further into the regions of Metîna and Avaşîn-Basyan.

The use of heavy weaponry and ground forces presents a grave threat to the entire region, and unity among Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan and the diaspora is the only answer to this aggression. The recent Newroz celebrations on 21 March featured a proclamation of a Kurdish national unity stance, and over 10 million Kurds in North Kurdistan and Turkey delivered a clear message to Erdogan that they will not bow to his brutality or policy of annihilation. Millions of Kurds have provided Turkey with a path to peace, and expressed to the peoples of Turkey and the world that the freedom of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan will pave the way for peace in Turkey and beyond.

Please find the complete text of the KNK via this link.

In addition, the KNK launched a call addressed to all member states of the UN and the EU as well as on the USA to take a clear stance against the occupation of South Kurdistan and the renewed war started by the Turkish state. Please find below the KNK’s report and demands.

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